Power of 21 days habit?

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Often, I ask you to -“Do this for 21 days, this will automatically become your habit“. Do you know the reason why do I always say that? Because you can add or remove any habit (either good or bad) doing it regularly for 21 days. This is called the power of 21 days or 21 days of habit.

This is type of a challenge, a challenge called 21 days habit forming challenge.

You might have heard people saying if you want to become something, if you want to do something new, then do it for 21 days at least.

What is 21 days of Habit?

Do you know psychology also says that doing the same things regularly for the next 21 days converts it into your habit!

For instance, most of the time, you use your left finger and some people use the right finger to unlock your phone, do you know why because it’s your become their habit.

Let me give you more examples when you wear your pants, you always put your right leg inside your pants first, because this has become your habit.

It happens automatically.

Power of 21 days of habit is related to the power of the subconscious mind that means doing the same thing or by repeating the same thing satisfies your conscious mind and then sends it to the subconscious mind.

Whatever goes to your subconscious mind that becomes part of your life.

For instance, when you are learning to drive a car or a bike, you do it regularly for a few days and thus you learn driving and driving becomes your habit. Now you can drive in any condition of the road.

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Your brain has magical Power

Our mind has magical powers but you wouldn’t believe unless you try this and experience it on yourself.

All you need to use this power is practice, practice and more practice. Like when you are learning to drive, a bike or a car, you do practice to learn more and more every day.

Similarly, when you do practice, your subconscious mind gets the instruction and makes it possible.

Your Subconscious Mind is very powerful. You never know the power of the subconscious mind until you learn about it in detail. I will give you the link to the ebook of the book below.

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Because practice makes a man perfect! Do practice your goals, until it becomes your habit.

This is a magic trick, not everyone knows it. Only 10% of people know this. 5% ignore this, the other 5% of people try this, 3% of people give up, only 2% of people don’t give up and become successful.

This is the reason not everyone is successful. Not everyone is rich, not everyone is happy in their life.

Control Your Mind

Your mind is not in your control. The people who have control of their mind, have become successful. This is called mind hacks.

However, 90% of the people use their minds 4% only, rest 96% are used thinking about unnecessary things.

If you want to control your mind and if you want to become successful, there is one way which you should use i.e. the power of 21 days of habit.

It is scientifically proven.

Yeah! You read it right. It is scientifically proven that you get, leave or quit any habit, it only takes 21 days.

Neurons which are present in our mind changes completely when you get a new habit.

In fact, the shape of your internal brain also changes.

It also takes 21 days of habit to hit anything to your subconscious mind.

You must be worried about your job, study or any work that you are not interested in doing.

Here is a solution for you. Just sit and do it for at least an hour (60 minutes) daily for the next 21 days.

Remember not less than 60 minutes. Believe me, this will completely change your thoughts from boring to more interesting.

Think about it!

And if you don’t have a calendar, take a plain paper from any notebook, mention the date and time in a list. Try this trick it will surprise you. You will feel some sudden changes in yourself.

Brainwash Your Mind

21 days of habit washes your brain. Your brain is washed when you repeat things for 21 days.

Either if you want to become successful or you want to quit any bad habit or add any new habit which is good.

Doing anything for one or two days doesn’t make changes, but doing it for 21 days does makes changes.

You can also call it the law of attraction.

When you think or talk about something that you want to achieve, you are paying your attention to those particular things.

The more you work on your goals the closer you get to your goal.

Just try to think positive, because positive energy attracts you faster to achieve your goal faster.

By using this knowledge, you can achieve your goal, if you follow this.

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Practicing this technique will completely change your life in a positive way that you can’t imagine.

Every morning before starting your day, always read or watch motivational, inspirational and success videos or posts.

You can learn more about the habits of successful people by clicking here.

This habit will also make you successful, If you follow your goals for 21 days.

21 days of Habit Challenge:

Now, I will tell you how you can apply this to yourself to become rich.

21 days of habit
  • Start with setting some goals. What kind of lifestyle you want to live in. Write down your goals on paper in detail. For instance, you want to earn 10000$ a month and you are earning less than this amount or zero amount i.e not earning.
  • Write down positive affirmation (in present form), such as I am happy and  I am now earning 10000$ a month, whatever amount you want to earn.
  • The next step is that you read that affirmation every single morning after wakeup minimum 5 times. Read that affirmation every single night before going to bed a minimum of 5 times.
  • After reading the affirmations, close your eyes and visualize that, it has already done. You are receiving money, what will do with that much amount of money.
  • And as you visualize, this activates different parts of your brain. It also activates the left part of your brain which is a genius part of your brain. It helps you to achieve your goals.
  • Also, you can add one more thing, on your laptop or smartphone use the wallpaper of how you want to live, the lifestyle that you really like, for example, luxury cars, homes, and your favorite holiday destinations.

In other words, the things that you wanted to do always i.e. your dream life.

Also, Download an image of 10000$ (Rs. 6,93,525 Indian Rupee) from google. You can also make a folder in your home screen naming dreams and put those pictures there. Watch it daily. This will build your confidence.

  • And, do the things which can make you earn 10000$ every month, means to say, take action on your goal.

Just forget everything friend and family for only 21 days.

Use the power of 21 days of habit. Take a challenge for 21 days.

In fact, I am challenging you. Start from tonight. Set the reminder after 21 days.

Follow these rules anyhow, and then come to this post and write down in the comment section below.

Always remember:

1. There is no elevator to success, you have to take stairs.
2. Successful do what unsuccessful are not willing to do.
3. We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an act but a habit.

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