How to be happy always?

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Everyone wants to be happy and successful. Because everyone likes happiness. Happiness is the most important in anyone’s life.

If you are rich but you’re not happy, life is not exciting. It’s important to be happy if you really want to enjoy your life or live your life in your way.

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When talking about happiness, the main cause of ruining happiness is problems, worries, or sorrows.

Because everyone faces these 3 things, it may be little or say huge. But you have to fight with your problems.

“Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according the way you look at the things.”

Walt Disney
The famous motivational speaker of India: Sandeep Maheshwari

What is Happiness?

Happiness occurs when you stop living for tomorrow or yesterday and begin to start living in today, happiness occurs when you find solutions of your worries to be happy always.

I know it’s not easy always to ignore worries; you have to fight with yourself, with your problems.

But, easy is boring. If you are looking for easy life, you will gain ZERO success.

If it would be easy to become wealthy, the value of money what today is, it would not have been.

Sometimes, What you want from your life and life gives you, that is happiness.

Sometimes, you didn’t expect anything from your life and life also gives you, that is also happiness.

A happy life is the best life of anyone’s, whether they’re rich people or poor. A happy life is a satisfying life.

be happy always

Live in Today

I’ve seen the lifestyle of some people wondering about the future and the past.

Listen, if you are wondering about the past, you can’t change your past, all you can do is remember the mistakes, learn from the mistake.

Try not to repeat the same mistakes again either in the future or in the present.

And, if you are wondering about your future, believe me, my friend, you can predict your future, no one can.

The one who predicts your future is making you fool. Only you can make your future good by giving your best today.

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Find reasons to be happy

Finding reasons to be happy always is a scientific technique to increase happiness.

Answer me a simple question: Can you solve your problem or create your future by just sitting and thinking?

Definitely No!

Research from the University of California find out the person who always keeps smiling is happier than a non-smiling person, either in the present or the future.

Keep Smiling always! Find little reasons to be happy always and a miracle will happen in your life.

Be Happy Always

You can search on Google and read several posts related – how to be happy always? how to feel happy? ways to be happy and so on, but the happiness is inside you.

If you really want a happy life, just be happy always. Most of the mentors say.

It is important to know if you want to be happy, it depends on how do you think and what do you think?

Go on a Trip

You may like to travel on a road trip or vacation. If you don’t! You should be.

In fact, psychology says- go on a small trip every week (in your city), for instance, the place where you feel good while spending time for 1 or more hours. 

In addition, go on a vacation trip once a year (out of town). Explore the places that you wanted to be.

People living in metropolitan cities in India; employees of different organizations plan vacation trip for 10-14 days, after every 4-5 months or once in a year.

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy. It’s all that matters

Audrey Hepburn

Stop Overthinking

Do you overthink? If yes, then you should stop overthinking. Read here, how to stop Overthinking!

Overthinking is the major cause of unhappiness. It keeps you thinking all day about the unnecessary entity.

You may have some dreams or goals that you want to achieve and when you are succeeded in achieving those goals, you become happy because this is what you wanted from your life.

“If you wanted to be happy, BE.”

Leo Tolstoy

Happiness is when:

  • when a girl/boy finds his/her crush.
  • Students pass in the examination 
  • An employee gets promotions.
  • When someone becomes a father or mother of a child.
  • a person becomes rich.

Make your Relationship Good

The research was going on at Harvard University from the last 75 years on the topic- what are the differences in happy people’s life and frustrated people’s life?

They selected some people and started tracking them since they were only 15 years in age. This is the age where the real-life journey starts.

The research was done to understand the difference between the happily lived people and frustrated lived people.

After examining them for several years, finally, the outcomes came are-

Those who have good relationships are happier than those who have poor relationships.

You won’t believe this result. Most of the people always ignore their poor relationships. They don’t value it.

But, you should always try to build a good relationship with your partner or colleagues, family, and friends.

“The best relationship is when you act like lovers and best friend at the same time.”


Get Rid of Your Anger

The biggest enemy of your happiness is your anger. Steve Jobsthe founder of the Apple” was fired from his own company. Only because of his bad attitude and angriness on his employees and clients too. 

Angerness of few seconds can spoil your life, relation or job. And, it’s very easy to spoil anything, creating takes too much time and patience.

Do whatever you can do to overcome your anger. Do meditation for 30 minutes in the morning. Use a stress ball. Learn on youtube how to overcome anger.

Read motivational quotes about life.

Life is a Game

Life is similar to a cricket game, the best you will give the great you will get.

Imagine yourself as a batsman and life as a bowler; it throws many balls to you. The ball which you have missed was the opportunity.

It doesn’t mean that the game is over, life will throw another ball to you, and you have to hit those balls and push out of the boundary in the form of four or six. Life will give you more opportunities, one by one.

Maybe sometimes you lose the game, but don’t worry about that; it’s a part of life. Winning and losing is part of the game.

Don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy every moment of your life whether it is a good moment of your life or bad.

When you are trying to learn something, it’s good, but don’t bother with tiny problems while learning. Try to find out the solutions. Bothering will not solve your problem, rather it will increase.

When something unwanted and unexpected happens in your life, you think of it as a problem but actually, it’s not. It’s a twist of the life game.

This is the opportunity when you can prove yourself. You can use your intelligent mind to solve it.

Solving this twist will grow you and will make you different from others; better from that you were yesterday. And hence, you will reach to the top of being happy always community.

be happy always


Challenges are very important, it increases your strength and you learn more and more. Without challenge and competitions, life will be boring.

No twist, no fun. So, you have to accept those challenges. Also, remember, every successful people say- keep learning, keep going.

Sorrows are sometimes important. Because you can’t feel real happiness until you face sorrows. Like in a game-losing more time and winning one time has the best happiness.

It’s important to enjoy every moment of your life. No matter in which situation you are, if you want you can be happy in every moment of your life. But the question is whether you want it or NOT?

How to stay Happy

Let’s talk about the effective ways that can you make you happy always. All you need to follow the below-mentioned rules. Moving on;

Do what you love to do

It is really important that you should do the jobs that you like. Doesn’t matter if it comes under the low-level category. What matter is if you love to do it?

Do the things that make you happy. Psychology says doing things that you like the most increases serotonin. Doing things can differ for different peoples.

For some, it may be traveling to new places, for some, it may go on a road trip- solo or in a group. Spend time with people that you like.

Also, spend at least one hour daily with yourself. It reduces stress and increases happiness. It is the most important ways to have a happy life.

“Focus on what makes you happy.”


Don’t compare yourself with others

Comparing yourself from your friend or cousin can ruin your happiness and make you jealous. Everyone has a different way to live. Not everyone can live like everyone. Be yourself!

Cause of Comparing yourself with others:

  • Loss of Self Confidence
  • Feel like a loser
  • Become jealousy

Look yourself what you have got in your life and be proud of it. And, if you want to learn something from your friend or cousin, that’s good. But comparing is not! To learn is more than to compare.


Five minutes of meditation twice a day can boost your mind. Meditation makes you feel good; it reduces blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart failure and strengthens the immune system.

The most important; it sharpens your mind and improves concentration and focus. Regular meditation increases serotonin inside your body which makes your mood happy. It increases happiness.

Meditation can also improve your sleep, by meditating for 10 minutes before sleeping. It also reduces stress. Starting meditating from today, it is one of the ways to be happy.

In addition, meditation is the habits of successful people. Most of the billionaires meditate for at least one hour a day in their busy schedule.

“Meditation is the key to energy.”

Stay far away from negative peoples

The peoples in your life should be reducing your stress not causing more of it.

If you consider yourself to be a positive person and want to live your best life, surround yourself with positive peoples.

Surround yourself with the peoples that make you feel good about being yourself.


Don’t live with people who drain your energy, make you feel bad. If you put all your energy on negative people, your life will be negative.

Keep your focus on what is good and you will see more good in your life.

“Being alone is better than being surrounded by fake people.”



Self- improvement is very important for a happy life. You should improve yourself day by day. Learn new things which you like. Never stops learning.

Write and read affirmation before going to bed and practice it in your mind. You should use the affirmation like, I am happy, I am confident, my relationship is good or I earn 1 Lakh every month.

You can also use the power of the subconscious mind for happiness. All you need is repeating the affirmations 3-4 a day. If you don’t know about the power of the subconscious mind, read it here.

Remember, you can’t have a positive life with a negative mindset.


Sleep Properly

A night of bad sleep can make you feel lazy, stressed or frustrated. A night of good sleep can highly impact your mental and physical health. It also makes your mood happy.

To have a good sleep- sleep by 9 Pm or 10 Pm and wake up before sunrise or before 6 Am.

Avoid mobile or laptops 30 minutes before sleep. Make sure your bed is not messy. And, take a good sleep of 6-8 hours every night.

Stay focused

You must have some goals, the purpose of your life. What do want to become in life? What are the places where you want to visit and explore? You can call it dreams.

You have to be focused to achieve your goals. Avoid distraction, negative things, and negative people. Use the 21 days habit technique to focus on your dream.

Psychology says if you follow anything for next 21 days it becomes a part of life, also become your habit. So, stayed focused and keep going.

“Remember why you started.”


Always remember, Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile, Laugh as much as you Breath, Love as long as you Live


  1. Go on a trip or vacation once in a week/month or year.
  2. Stop Overthinking.
  3. Make your relationships good. Improve your relationships with others, i.e. life-partner, family, friends or colleagues.
  4. Get Rid of your anger. Otherwise, it will ruin you and your life.
  5. Don’t feel sad if you fail or lose. Life will give more opportunities.
  6. Accept the challenges that life gives you.
  7. Do what you love to do.
  8. Stop comparing yourself with others
  9. Meditate for 30 minutes a day and 10 minutes before going bed.
  10. Stay far from negative peoples.
  11. Improve yourself by learning new things.
  12. Get good sleep of 6-8 hours every night. Avoid mobile phone before 30 minutes of sleep.
  13. Stay focused on your goals.

Let me know in the comment section. What do you do to be happy always?

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