The Ultimate Guide: How to Believe In Yourself (In 21 Days)

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Self-belief, these two words that define you must have to believe in your self if you want to live the life that you dreamed of. You don’t have a second option if you want to really live the life that you’ve imagined.

The life, where there is no space for negative people, haters who tried to ruin your life, some idiots who made your fun.

The life you imagined having morning coffee in your sea-facing house, every sip of coffee you take, with sea wind, it feels good, relaxing.

sea facing house

Imagine yourself at the moment you’re traveling in an opened sun-roof car on the road that is built near the sea beach. Every mile you travel, you leave your sorrows behind, you leave negative peoples behind, you leave your problems behind.

All you have is your happiness, you’re happy with your life, you’re happy with the life that you always wanted to live. You’re enjoying every moment.

Imagine the wind touching your body, refreshes you. My friend this is the life that you dreamed of.

happy girl

To live this life, you don’t have any choice except to believe in your self. The belief that increases your confidence, the belief that keeps you happy in any situation, no matter what people think about yourself.

You have to believe in your self to achieve your goals, to live the dream life. Ask yourself- Who’s stopping you?

The answer to this question- Look in the mirror, there’s a virtual image of that person who’s stopping you. 

look your self in the mirror

The person is you your self. No one else is stopping you, only you are stopping your self. The reason may be the lack of self-confidence, the lack of self-believe, your low self-esteem.

But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Do not let these problems stop you. You are the leader of your body and mind. You’ll decide what to focus on and what to ignore.

Focus on Solutions, Not on Problems

Always remember, Your problems are not bigger than you. Every problem has a solution. Try to find the solution to every problem that you have and solve it one by one.

If you fail, that’s OK. If you’re failing, it means you’ve started to create the life of your choice. You should never give up on your dreams, failures are temporary, success is permanent. 

If you got failed, stand up and try again, learn more, practice it, and if you fail again, learn more, and again practice it. 

Elon Musk invested all of the money that he earned in his life into one single company called SpaceX. The rocket he launched failed for the first time, he tried again, he got failure again. He never loses hope, Elon Musk never gives up. He tried once again, and the rocket launched successfully.

The happiness on his face was priceless. There’s nothing in this world that can stop you if you believe in your self. The interviewer asked Musk- “How do you feel when your real-life heroes, Nil Armstrong, and others commented, this is not gonna happen?”

Musk replied- “I really feel bad because they are my heroes. But I didn’t have an option to give up”.

The inventor of the bulb Thomas A. Edison was being interviewed after the successful invention of the light bulb.

The interviewer asked- “How do you feel when you fail too many times?”

Thomas A. Edison replied- “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Life gives you an opportunity every single day. Every morning is a new day to start, to begin, to try again and again. 

confident girl

Instead of focusing on fear of failure, focus on the happiness of success. Somehow, if you fail, it means you are trying. If you didn’t fail, you aren’t trying.

Always remember, Something is far better than nothing.

Start Writing Your Goals

Take a pen and paper now and write down the goals that you want to achieve. Make a plan- How are you going to achieve those goals?

Write down what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve those goals. Some people sacrifice comfort, some sacrifice time, or money. Sacrifice whatever required to achieve your goals

Keep the written note beside your bed or where you used to sleep. Read it every night before bed and every morning you rise up. Do it for at least 21 days

Work on your goals half an hour daily for the next 21 days and you’ll feel the internal change in your life. 

Do it now, ‘cause it’s now or it’s never.

Success never comes from the comfort zone.

no comfort zone

Thank God for everything you have with yourself

thank god

Wake up every morning and thank god for this beautiful life, beautiful morning. 

Thank God for everything that you have- this life, your family, the house to live-in, foods, the water. 

God has created this beautiful Earth which includes the most beautiful places to live or to travel. The ocean, sea, rivers, mountains or hills, nature, beautiful flowers, and birds, the sky, and the whole universe. 

Humans created much artificial beauty but humans are also a creation of God. So, Thank God for everything. 

Stop giving excuses that you don’t have required things right now with yourself. Look around you, what do you have to start today? 

If you can visualize it, you can see it happening

boy visualizing

Visualization is an internal asset of your mind. Whatever you can visualize, you can see it happening in your life. This happens because of the power of the subconscious mind. It’s a magical power.

What is Visualization?

Visualization is a practical technique by which you can imagine yourself in a situation where you’re virtually achieving your goals or tasks that you want to achieve in your real life. 

Visualization is like imagining you are living in the world of your choice. No more negative peoples, no more sorrows. 

How Visualization Works?

When you visualize, you imagine yourself in a situation that you want to happen in your real life. When you visualize, your conscious mind creates a virtual image, while visualizing, the imagination travels from the conscious mind into the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is what we think, speak, we know about the real world.

The subconscious mind is what you believe. If you believe you can cook, you can really cook. In other words, the subconscious mind is about what you believe you can achieve.

So, when it enters into the subconscious mind, it starts happening in the real world automatically. You’ll not realize it in the beginning, later you’ll realize- what you’ve done. 

The subconscious mind lets you work on what you believe is real. It lets you work on achieving them. 

If you’ll say to your subconscious mind- wake me up in the morning at 4 AM, it will wake you up, but it takes time to enter the subconscious mind. 

The subconscious mind is all about to believe in your self. And, beliefs are born by self-confidence and visualization.

Learn from the post on how to achieve your goals by the subconscious mind.

If you can visualize, you can see it happening in real life.

Best time to visualize?

According to Dr. Joseph Murphy, the author of the best selling book “The Power of your Subconscious Mindright before bed or 5 minutes before falling into sleep at night is the best time to Visualize. Your subconscious mind becomes more active at night.

How to Visualize?

Act as it has been done. Think in your mind that you’ve already reached your goals. You’re living the life of your choice. Act mentally that it all has been done. Do not doubt yourself, have patience and you’ll see the magic.

Act as how will you live your life when you’ll achieve your goals. What places you’ll travel, how you will travel, in what you’ll travel and with whom you’ll travel. 

happy life

What car you love to drive, is it Mercedes, Audi or Lambo? The house you’d love to live in, etc.

Visualize every day before bed for 5 minutes at least.

Believe in yourself, nothing can stop you

girl excercising

The very first to believe in yourself is to believe it’s possible to get your goals. Make affirmations and read them daily. Example-I believe in me. I’m confident.

Successful people have a belief towards their goal. Elon had a true belief that he’ll succeed. His vision was clear, there were many people, his friends to stop him. 

After the three failures of the rocket launch, he had left money to build one last rocket. His close good friend suggested him to invest the remaining dollars in Tesla instead of investing in building rockets.

But he didn’t accept his advice and started building the last rocket. He believed in himself and didn’t listen to anyone.

He didn’t give up, never lost hope. And the last rocket was successfully launched into the sky.

After the successful launch, NASA invested $6.8 Billion in SpaceX.

If you believe in your self, I bet you can do anything. There’s nothing that can stop you. You can create history, you can be successful but in reality, you don’t want to be. You are afraid to fail. 

But, there’s nothing like a failure, it was just a try or a practice. This didn’t mean that you cannot succeed, you can succeed only if you believe in yourself.

Once you’ll start to believe in your self, the haters cannot stop you from being successful. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. The number of times you fail, the more you’ll learn from mistakes, and Napoleon Hill says- The more you learn, the more you earn.

We are humans, we are not god. We do make mistakes, humans learn from mistakes.

Only god does not make a mistake, I guess.

You don’t need to be intelligent


Yes, it’s true you don’t need to be intelligent to become successful, to achieve your goal. There’s nothing like intelligence. The more you will experience anything in your life, you will become an expert.

When you’ll share these experiences, people will call you intelligent. But for me, intelligence does not matter. All that matters is self confidence and self belief. 

Intelligence is not a part of success anymore. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. It is not at all required. The requirement is of your belief and confidence in yourself. 

You can do anything if you have confidence.

Know your values

There’s a saying from old people- You don’t know yourself. Know your values, instead of thinking of yourself as a failure for any reason, think of what you deserve, what you’ve achieved in your past life. 

You’re not a loser, you’re losing only because you think low about yourself. You also have values. Don’t go to the places where you feel low, and demotivated.

Go to the places where you feel good. For me, I sit around 30-60 minutes every single night on my terrace, watching the sky, watching the stars twinkling, watching the movement of airplanes in the night sky, this makes me happy and I feel my reasons for being.

I really feel good. I sit there and track my life. How is it performing? How am I performing? Is it going too slow or too fast? I used to do this all in my mind. 

Have a Positive Mental attitude.

Sandeep Maheswari-  The moment you start valuing yourself, the world will start valuing you.

Don’t Stop, Keep Movin’ on

nothing is impossible

You’ll face some obstacles on your way, but you have to keep movin’ on. Don’t stop if you fall down, take a few minutes, stand up, and start moving again. Never give up in such situations.

Let your life move you in the natural flow. Your life would take you to your destination, who knows.

Remember the purpose of your life, the goals that you set, remember your dreams. Believe in God, and believe in yourself. 

The day when you’ll start believing in yourself, your confidence will be on boost mode. So, either start believing in yourself or boost your self confidence. Doing both will help each other to happen.

Don’t wait for the right time, my friend, always now is the right time.

There’s a saying by Sandeep Maheswari- Don’t look for the path for the whole journey, travel on the visible path, when you’re about to reach the end of the path, you’ll find the path to continue movin’ on.


  • Encourage yourself.
  • Love yourself.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Never ever compare yourself with anyone.
  • Never do negative self-talk.
  • Why is believing in yourself is important?
    Remember that “You become what you believe“.
  • Start to work on your weaknesses until they become your strengths.
  • Work on your flaws, until they become your fire.
  • Work on your problems, until they become your power.

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