An Overview of How to Invest Money in Share Market

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If anyone asks me what is the fastest and shortest way to become rich or earn money. I will say invest money in the share market or stock market. Well, both are quite similar. Investment is good for financial success. 

However, there’s risk in investing but before investing you should learn first how to invest money in the share market or stock market. I’m going to give you an overview of Investing money in the share market. Stick to the article. 

I’m going to provide you the knowledge and tips on how to invest in the share market from the book -” The Intelligent Investor”. The book which made Warren Buffet 3rd richest man in the world. Also, the book is considered “The Bible of Investing”.

And, yeah, those who take risks, they go higher in life. Also, checkout our latest post on Business with no money.

Also, investing is one of the ways to become wealthier shortly. The big advantage of Investing is: you don’t have to come out of your house to become rich. You can start investing from your mobile or computer, but it’s better to learn investing. It’d be better if you learn technical and fundamental analysis of any stock before investing.

Usually, people do proper research before purchasing A/C, Car, Appliances, Mobile Phones and, etc. But in the case of investing, they didn’t do proper research before investing. This is one of the biggest mistakes investors make. 

If you want to invest in MRF, do a complete research of technical and fundamental research for the long term. Check their history, do a proper analysis. Please do give time in analysis before investing.

Don’t put all your Eggs in One Basket

Do not put all your eggs in one basket because if the basket falls all your eggs will be broken and you’ll have to bear the loss. 

A smart investor never invests all his money in one company to protect himself from loss. The two rules of investing from Warren Buffet: 

  1. Never Lose Your Money
  2. Never forget rule no. 1.

Never Trust Mr. Market

Never follow the market trend. There are so many companies in the share market but it’s your decision in which company you want to invest. 

An Intelligent investor always researches a single or individual company. Focus on the company where you’re looking to invest. Do good research for long term investment, find out future growth, and past growth of the company.

Never look for Crazy Profits

The greed for higher profits can make a big loss. Don’t follow the Mr. market. Focus on safe and balanced profit. The profit of a company doesn’t need to be always going higher. 

Invest only 10% of Your Income

Invest 10% of your total income monthly, so if your income is Rs. 25K, take out 10% which is Rs. 2500, and invest it in your investment account. 

Also, it’s recommended to invest in the stocks in which you have previously invested.

And, the book is suggested by Warren Buffet. This is the only book you need to read to learn stock market fundamentals. 


Share market can make you rich but It also has risks. Learning to invest needs time. You’ll have to give yourself some time to learn the investment. I’d prefer reading the Intelligent Investor book. Give it a try.

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