2 Reasons For Depression & How To Overcome It as I did

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In the 21st century, technology is getting better day by day. With the fast-growing world, some major problems are also increasing, maybe because of the competition. Depression is one of the major problems among us. Many people are affected by depression. I’m gonna describe What exactly depression is? And, how to overcome depression and anxiety.

What is Depression?


Depression is when either your body has turned against you or your mind has turned against you. When you cannot control your mind when the mind enters the world of negative thought. You feel low, unmotivated, and cause the lack of self confidence or self belief.

Depression is caused by two reasons:- Psychological and Physical disorder. 

It means these are not working for you. So, it comes from your inner body, then your inner body will fix it. You do not need to take medicines for this.

Learn more from Healthline and WHO (World Health Organisation) about Symptoms, and Cause of Depression.

Reasons that cause Depression

Now, I am telling you about psychological and physical reasons of depression:-


This means that you are not well at the level of the mind. It is because of the overthinking of negative thinking on a regular basis. OverThinking is not a problem but if there is no clarity in thinking, conflict in thinking, then thinking is a problem.

Bad or poor quality of thought reduces your energy and ruins your confidence. and then depression occurs. 

This disorder occurs when you can’t manage your brain system properly. because of this your external work starts affecting, your relationship starts to deteriorate, you are not able to live your life properly and peacefully.

stressed due to depression

And because of the mismanagement of all these activities, you create more stress. And gradually it becomes your habit, due to which it creates the form of depression. Ignore these unwanted and poor habits to save your life and form new and effective habits. Take the 21-day habit challenge.


This means that you are not well at the level of the body. As we all know 80% of body problem is because of your stomach. Poor Digestion occurs because of unhealthy and improper diet. The poor digestive system creates toxic chemicals, gases in our body, and mind which affects different parts of our body and we feel sick.

health problem

Also, because of these toxic gases or chemicals, there are many types of diseases that occur in the body. Your mind is also part of the body. So, Your mind too doesn’t work properly.

It’s important to live a healthy and happy life. Read here.


If you Overthink negative thinking on a regular basis, it will create stress, fear, pressure in your mind and it will directly affect the breathing pattern. Either you will start breathing fast or slowly.

Both are not right for our bodies. Changing in breathing pattern can affect the amount of oxygen which is necessary for our body. Also, our heart will not pump accurately. These can directly affect our immune system and this is not good for digestion.

digestion problem due to depression

Food will not digest due to the poor Digestive system. This causes low energy in our body which creates sickness, laziness. And, because of this, many diseases occur in the body like constipation.

As we know the large intestine continuously absorbs water from food. Those water becomes toxic because of constipation and starts spreading in the whole body and also in the brain. 


Some internal chemicals get blocked in our minds which is responsible for feeling happy and excited. And because of this, your mind stops thinking right and feeling good. After sometimes it becomes your habit and the person feels depressed.

Overcome Depression with Medication?

When a depressed person starts taking medicines, those medicine starts releasing artificial chemicals in the brain and the person feels happy, excited, and confident and the mind feels relaxed.

But when you start taking medicine daily, your mind can’t feel relaxed with the same dose. That’s why the dose of medicine increases in a regular interval. And the person has to take medicine for a lifetime.

This type of medicine has many side effects which slowly weakens the mind and body of the person. It decreases thinking capacity, weakens memory power, reduces the ability to endure anything.



work on mind to overcome depression

As we know bad quality of thought reduces energy and the person starts feeling low. So for this, you have to change the quality of your thought.


Reasons may be like expectations, comparison, jealousy, money pressure, relationship problems, wants love and attention from others, stress, and pressure of problems which come in our daily life, etc. 

It is in our hands to fix it. It is in our hands what to allow and what not to dominate. Your well being, your health, your mental balance is in your hand. All cells of your body will work for you if you do the right things with yourself. Keep your mind under control. The mind is yours, You are not for the mind.

Be Aware of your Thoughts. Don’t get attached too much with anything.

Drive it for yourself. It should work for you, not against you.

So, positive thinking and positive affirmation on a regular basis are very important to Change your quality of thought. If you have a genetic problem still you can change it. Now, genetic sciences reveal that in only 24 hours you can change your genetic codes completely by thinking in the right direction.

depressed mind

So, change the genetic patterns of who you are. Genetic sciences, neurosciences, and also psychiatrists are beginning to speak that whatever the condition, it is possible to alter this from within by changing our thoughts.

You can’t imagine how much power is in positive words and positive thoughts. It can change your whole patterns of thinking. To change the thoughts you have to think positively regularly. It is as simple as it sounds.

You can try 21 days rule, positive self-talk, repeat the positive affirmation in day and night regularly. Force it at the beginning and you will see that your thoughts are changing and you will start feeling good. your mind will start creating positive energy when the mind is fully relaxed.


exercise to overcome depression

To increase the body’s energy you have to take a healthy diet. The use of fast food has to be reduced.

  • Drink enough water.
  • Eat high fiber food.
  • Eat green vegetables.
  • Be active physically.
  • Include yoga, exercises, meditation in your daily routine. 
  • Read self-help books.
Yoga to overcome depression problem

Keep yourself connected to nature. Because our body is made up of five elements of nature:-

Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space.

Connected to nature means-  Stay connected to the open space instead of being in a closed room.

Stay connected to the soil, Take fresh air. These will help you to be physically fit and active and you will overcome your physical problems.

And you will overcome depression too because we know that “A HEALTHY BODY CREATES A HEALTHY MIND”.

So, you have to work together on both psychological and physical levels to fight depression. And it’s very easy to fix it if you really want to cure depression of the root.

Believe it, I’ve overcome the depression, and many more.

Believe in your self, nothing is impossible. Everything is possible if your believe in your self.

Because, If they can, why not you can?

Books that you can read to Overcome Depression


Depression is causing much death. Many celebs in India have attempted and committed suicide because they were unable to solve the depression problem. They give up. You should never give up. You can fight with depression. It won’t take too long.

I know depression is one of the major problems, people don’t discuss and share their depression problem with anyone. But, Sharing your problems in front of the right people always bring a way to kill depression.

Read the above written article, I’m sure it will help you a lot. I wish you all the best. Start it today.

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