How to Stop Overthinking

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You might be looking for the solution to the problem – how to stop overthinking? You are at the right place. I’m going to solve this problem now. Pay attention!

What is Overthinking?

When you think something which is not related to your present, which is unknown and unwanted or is negative, you get lots of negative thoughts coming-going in your mind, when you are not aware of your thinking, it is overthinking. You might have noticed that most of the time when you overthink you think of negative things.

What is overthinking

Overthinking is mostly related to your past, maybe bad situations or mistakes that you had make, but you cannot go back to the past and change those mistakes. It’s better to move on and try to do not make those mistakes again.

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Why Stop Overthinking?

Sometimes when you overthink you think of your future such that, what will happen if I do this/do that, you begin your imagination with some situation and the predict outcomes. You think about the negative things and the same happens in your real life. Instead of thinking anything which is negative you can think about positive outcomes of the same.

Have you ever seen sun-rise? If you have seen, you may not have noticed that your mind does not think anything else while you are seeing it. Do you know why? Because your mind just focuses on only on sunrise. It has a different feeling.

 Don’t ruin a new day by thinking about yesterday. Let it go.

How to Stop Overthinking?

Here are a few steps, implementing these steps you can stop overthinking. All you have to do is read this whenever you feel like overthinking. If you have a big overthinking problem, then come daily and read this to stop overthinking.

Be aware of your thoughts

how to stop thinking about someone

Be aware of what you are thinking, be aware of your thoughts because there is a possibility you can change the direction of your thoughts. You must be aware of what is going inside your mind. You never even realize that there are some negative thoughts inside your mind.

Thinking is good but over thinking of negative things is not good. Don’t take anything personally. 70% of what you think is not related to your real life, it has not happened in your life or is not going to happen.

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In other words, 70% of overthinking relates to negative thinking. Stop and think – is it really important for you? It is a waste of time and energy.

Test yourself

If overthinking is under control, it is not a problem. If it is out of your control then it is a problem. In fact, overthinking is not really a problem, if overthinking is about positive things. You let your mind think about unwanted things, unknown things, and negative things. Just stop and think is it important.

In addition, let’s do a practical test with yourself, take 2 minute time and try to think something. Do it now. And your Time starts now…..

So, I hope you take the test. When you were thinking for 2 minutes you were not able to think anything. Do you want to know the reason? The reason is when you were practically thinking you were aware of your thoughts. You might have few thoughts in your mind but the thought was not long-lasting. Thoughts might be changing in seconds. This is not overthinking.

Overthinking is not a problem if your thoughts are positive. But if it is negative, then it is a problem, a bad habit too. Overthinking is ruining your life.

Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness.

Deep Realization

How to stop overthinking

Deep realization is what we are talking about. You’re here, you may have an overthinking problem and you might be finding its solutions.

You should understand that overthinking is a bad habit. You can do nothing with your past, you also can do nothing with your upcoming future. Leave all this and live in the present.

Accept that you are dealing with overthink problem.

You should realize what you are doing is wrong. Overthinking cause loss of concentration, loss of energy, health issues, sleeping problem, etc. over-thinking is useless for your life. It ruins your life completely. Ruins your happiness, your strength, will power, confidence, etc. you should learn how to avoid overthinking?


Meditation is focusing on your breath. It’s really good for you. It increases focus and concentration and increases positive energy. It helps you get actually that you want.

Meditate 20 minutes per day. Start with 5 minutes. Don’t bother if you can’t focus on your breathing. Keep practicing; it will take a few days to become an expert.

Meditation is among the habits of successful people. Make it your daily habit to become rich and successful. You become productive when you meditate.

Speak Necessarily

Speaking unnecessarily can also cause overthinking. Because the probability is the person to whom you are talking can be negative. You will talk about worries with him/her, sometime it may solve your problems, you feel light after talking about your worries. But, most of the time the second person can make you feel negative. You will feel more negative, become upset. This will make you overthink more.

If you are thinking about someone, then you should stop thinking about someone. Don’t depend on someone else, be independent.

Chanakya says- think before you speak. Don’t speak when it is not necessary, you might feel like I wouldn’t have said that, he/she might feel bad. What he/she will think about me? These things will take you more deeply in the world of overthinking.

Write down your thoughts on the book

How to overcome over thinking

This is a great idea for those who speak more. If you want to share your thoughts to someone, either your friend or relative. Don’t do that, just take a pen and write down the thoughts that are making you feel depressed. After writing down your thoughts your mind will be relaxed, you feel light.

When you will read the thought later, you will find that it was so stupid. Give it a try and express your views in the comment section. I had done this many time, it always works.

Physical Workout

Physical workout leads to a healthy mind. Do yoga, if you don’t like yoga then do some push-up. You can also play some sports. Do any physical workout once in a day for an hour. Do whatever you like. Either play football, cricket or go to the gym. You can also do running if you don’t want to play or go to the gym.

If you have some children in your home or your neighbor, play with them, talk with them. All I want to say is become a kid while playing with a kid. You will feel happy, relaxing and positive.

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Idleness is the cause of overthinking, when you are idle you think lots of known and unknown things. So, don’t be idle; keep yourself busy in something that you like. This will help you to overcome overthinking.

“People who do not know how to fight worry, die early.”

Alexis carrel

Don’t accept any negative thing mentally

How to get rid of over thinking

Usually, mentors say never accept any negative or bad thing mentally. Because negative energy react fast to your subconscious mind and if it will reach your subconscious mind it will take it as an order, make it a reality. This is the power of the subconscious mind.

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Always remember, when you are speaking to your self be aware of what you are saying to your mind. Always think positive while talking to your mind. If any positive thing goes to subconscious mind it transforms into reality.

Read more about the power of your subconscious mind.

Stop worrying about what can go wrong, and get excited about what can go right


  • Be aware of your thoughts. Stop overthink and ask yourself- is it really important?
  • Deep realization- Realize that your thoughts are correct or not, i.e. if your thoughts are useful or not.
  • Meditate for 20 minutes a day.
  • Speak necessarily- don’t speak too much. Think before you speak.
  • Write down your thoughts on a notebook. Read your written thoughts later.
  • Physical Workout- Do some physical workout daily or alternate. It keeps your brain healthy.
  • Don’t accept any negative thing mentally. The subconscious mind will make it happen. Think only positive while talking to yourself.
  • Bonus Tip- Listen to your favorite music or instrumental music, motivational, inspirational kinds of music.

Above all is the answer to the question of how to stop overthinking, how to stop thinking about someone, Try hard to not to think too much about anything or any person.

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