How to achieve your goal?

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Setting a goal is very essential on the road to success. Everyone has specific goals in their life. Goals are very important in everybody’s life. Some people do their best to achieve their goal while some don’t.

They compromise with their goals because they don’t like to fight with their problems, they don’t like to survive in their success path because of some little or big problems.

You know what? You should never be compromised with your goals, when you are on your way to achieving success, stay focused, there will one day when you will reach your target or say destination.

Don’t Compromise

In the whole world, only 1% of the people are rich. Do you know why? Because they give up on their goals, the real fact is they don’t want to become rich, they are happy with their normal life, which is boring, they don’t want to grow up their life.

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All because they compromise with their goals, they give up only because of facing some problems. But another meaning of life is problems. That doesn’t mean that you stop living. Fight with your problem, flight with your negative thoughts.

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Success is like fruit on that special tree on which only hard labor people can climb and get that fruit. Who can fight with their negative emotions, negative thoughts, and their problems.

The Experiment

Prof. Gail Matthews (Professor of psychology) of Dominican University experimented on the Factors which enhance the achievement of business and work-related goals, in short how to achieve goals.

In this experiment, a total of 267 peoples participated which were from businesses, organizations, banker, lawyers, etc. Dr. Gail divided these peoples into two groups, Group A and Group B.

She asked participants of group A to visualize their dreams and goals while participants of group B were asked to write down their dreams and goals with emotion on a paper.

Both groups were asked to do this same process for the next six months. Participants of group A started the process of visualization of their dream and goals every night before going to bed for six months.

While participants of group B started writing their dream and goals (with emotion) on a notebook before going to bed for the next six months.


After six months Dr. Gail examines the life of all the 267 participants, in which she founded that the peoples in Group B who write their dream and goals every night before going to bed, they all have succeeded 100% in their life. They all were successful.

Participants of Group A Who visualized every night before going to bed were less successful in comparison with Participants of Group B.

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The writing goal will remain in your brain when you sleep. The brain will memories your written goals so you will stay focused on achieving it. The result is proven scientifically on the official website.

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So coming to the point, if you really want to achieve success. Then you should start writing your goals with emotions in a notebook or diary every night before going to bed.

3 Steps to become successful:

  1. Write down your goals on a paper before sleep.
  2. Work on your goals every day.
  3. Do this regularly.

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