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People living in India are dreamy, they are confused to choose stream in their minds that how to become rich in India.

So, now I’m going to answer the question of how to become rich in India below:

Everyone wants to become rich but not everyone takes action. They just dream only. Dreaming of luxurious cars, houses, and vacation spots.

how to become rich in India

In this post, I will be talking about how to become rich in India basically and other parts of the world.

The very first thing I want to tell is there’s no freedom without financial freedom.

You should be financially strong to be free.

Think Big to become rich in India

Think about- What are the places you want to live when you’ll become rich?

What are the things that you want to change? 

Which things do you want to do when you’ll become rich? The places you want to visit for vacation.

The car you want to see in your parking area.

Start thinking about the things that you want. Practice in your mind that you are living with those things.

Just do it. Believe me, it will help you. 

If you don’t believe me, you must believe the subconscious mind.

Value Time

time is money

As we all know time is the most precious thing. Instead of watching Tv and mobile nowadays, you should think about your career. What to do and how to do it.

You must be goal-oriented. 

Because Time never comes back. 

Don’t wait for the right time. Now is the right time. Stop procrastinating. Leave your laziness.

Ask yourself- How many hours a day do you work for your career or goal?

If you’re not spending time working on your goals, my friend, you’re not going to own a luxury car, house, holiday destination, they’re all gone. 

If you want to take rest, schedule that as your important meeting.

You can rest easy on a beautiful beach when you’re able to afford a lavish vacation in the future.

Think out of the box

think out of the box

Look around you, everywhere is competition. Either it’s a tea selling business or a big supermarket.

Mostly in India, People try to copy each other in terms of business.

If they’ll see that the other one is making a good profit in the following business, they’ll copy them.

If you’re also thinking of starting these kinds of business, you’ll have to face the competition.

But, if you think out of the box you can succeed.

To become rich in India or anywhere in the world it’s important to think out of the box.

Let me give you an example?

If you’re interested in starting a new business, then look for new ideas. 

Look around you for the business which is high in demand and is not available in your area.

In short, start a business that is not in your area.

You can also go for an e-commerce business.

Invest in Mutual Fund to become rich

how to become rich in india

Mutual Fund is a smart way to earn money as extra income. People are now aware of mutual funds, but they are a little bit afraid to invest. 

You can learn from many great people about investing in YouTube.

Investing your money somewhere is an essential thing to do to become rich.

Don’t be afraid of losing your money. Be brave to earn more and extra income.

You can start from small investments, with Rs.500


E-Commerce is shutting down local stores. If you’ll ask me what to choose between an online store and an offline store, I’ll say go for an online store.

Online business is far better than selling locally.

E-commerce is the fastest way to become rich in India. India has the second-largest mobile users in the whole world.

By the way, America holds the first position.

In an offline business, you will be selling goods locally, to people who live around you or in your city/town.

But in online business, it’s the opposite. Your goods will be delivered to many different parts of the country also in the world. It depends on you.

If you are wondering where to buy and sell products online, I’ll tell you how you can start.

Buy products from Alibaba and sell on Amazon or Flipkart.

Yeah! You read right. You can buy and sell this way.

Go to Alibaba, buy products at cheap rates. Wait for to get delivered to your place or you can keep those products at Amazon FBA, they will charge you some cost, in return, you’ll get their service like packaging and shipping your products to the customer who will place the order from Amazon.

They will take care of everything wrapping, packaging, and shipping. You will get paid for every sale.

Build a Personal Brand

If you have decided to start a long-term business, then start thinking about your brand.

Having your brand can make you richer. You can become a millionaire by a single own personal brand.

How you will start building your brand?

Create your product or service, promote it everywhere on social media for free.

Yes, you can promote it anywhere on social media by generating followers. They’re free and paid as well.

Build your product, create social media pages, start posting content.

If you want to get immediate followers to the branding page, you can pay them a little amount for advertising.

You can post about your new product launch, offers, and deals, etc.

Social media is a great platform to launch and promote your products.

Think from the customer’s perspective

You are building and selling products to your customers, not to yourself.

So, think as you are a customer, what do you expect from a seller. What do you want?

Customers are like a god, they make sales. They buy your product.

If you’ll give them quality products they will bring more customer and they’ll come again.

That’s why I always think from the customer perspective.

These rules are not only for online businesses but also for offline businesses such as restaurants, tea shops, juice centers.

Start saving

how to become rich india

Start saving from your monthly income. Use the 50-50 rule.

The rules tell to spend 50% of your total income and from the rest, 50 percent, save 30 percent and invest 20 percent.

Invest in Mutual Funds or the stock market.

Investing is a good habit of millionaires. Millionaires do invest in stock markets, mutual funds, etc.

Learn More Earn more

Give one hour a day to learn something new from self-made millionaires.

Because the more you learn the more you earn.

Learn should never be stopped.

Whatever you are doing as a profession you should dive deep into the ocean of knowledge.

Most of the millionaires believe in reading books is the best source to gain knowledge.

Read books it’s important. Learn from an expert in brief.

In fact, there are many interesting books based on business strategy, from where you learn.

The list of the books are (you can buy them by clicking on the name):

Rich Dad Poor Dad [best book to start]

The four-hour workweek

Think and grow rich

The lean startup

Zero to one

Multiple sources of Income

A teacher asked a businessman what is the risk- he replied- ”depending on one source of income is a risk.”

Never depend on one source of income. Always try to build multiple sources of income.

This is a millionaire mindset. 

The more source of income you’ll have the more money you’ll earn.

The faster you’ll become a millionaire.



Investing money and time on your source of income is an excellent choice.

But what about investing in yourself?

As I told you the more you learn the more earn, you should learn to improve yourself.

Improve yourself from what you were yesterday.

Become better than yesterday.

Learn self-improvement. Learn discipline.

This blog is based on self-improvement. My motive is to help my audience to improve themself.

I believe in self-improvement. Many rich and successful peoples believe that is the reason today they are known to us.

Bill Gates,

Mark Zuckerberg,

Warren Buffet

Jeff Bezos, etc.

Keep yourself Motivated

Try to keep yourself motivated. Learn from people around you, they indirectly motivate you to become wealthy. 

Peoples who ask you for rent, who make fun of your poverty or something else which you don’t like. 

I have a friend he says whenever I feel sad I go to the car showroom, apple showroom, watch showroom, etc, places to select one thing which I want to buy.

I see them and make a plan to work on and after a few weeks, I own it.

Inspire from local peoples, search for a mentor, and take their advice.

Keep working on your goals, stay focused, keep patience. You’re going to become successful.


You can’t become rich sitting the whole day and dreaming.

Think big to become rich.

Value time. Time will never come back. Start the right thing at the right time. And now is the right time.

Try to think outside the box, think about not good but great ideas. One great idea can change your entire life.

Investing and saving is an important habit of successful and rich peoples. Try to implement this in your life.

You can choose e-commerce as your source of income. Little investment larger profit. And build a brand of yourself.

While creating any product, produce a quality product so that more customers can attract.

Give time to improving yourself, learning new skills every day.

Create multiple sources of income, it will help you grow rich faster.

So, what are you gonna become rich?

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