How to Manage Time: Time Management Tips

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About the Importance of Time Management

We are going to discuss the importance of time management in the following post. How much time management is essential in today’s world?

I’m going to provide you the time management tips and 3 Principles from the book “Eat that Frog” for time management.

Do you want to manage your time?

Generally speaking, time is the most precious thing in life. If you are wasting your time, you’re ruining your life yourself.

If you are wondering that I will do my tasks later like tomorrow, day after tomorrow, you are procrastinating.

In other words, you are wasting your time and being lazy.

In fact, laziness is the major cause of wasting time. There’s a post written about How to overcome laziness?

Click here to read the post.

It is very important to manage time. You better know time never comes back. You can’t let your time wait for you.

Importance of Time Management in Competition World

In 2019, is the world of competition, everywhere is competition whether you are a student or a businessman.

However, it is very important to be with the time otherwise, you’ll be left behind. And if you are slow you will have to chase the race by double speed and efforts.

importance of time management

If you don’t, you’ll miss the opportunity that life gives you. But, don’t bother if you had missed the opportunity.

Never Give Up in such situations, life will give you more opportunity. But that doesn’t mean you will miss the opportunity again and again.

You’ve to catch the opportunity if you want to become successful.

Why Time Management is Important?

There are some peoples that I know, do nothing during the perfect time. And, when the time passed away, they start to cry and panic and say- What should I do now? Or what will I do now?

Importance of Time Management for Students

In the case of students- Well 75% of the students do not study during their whole semester. But, when the exams are near, they transform themselves into depression.

They do smoking and drinking, which is very bad for their health. But they will not study even for a few hours.

Somehow, if they pass in the exams, they make a promise to themselves that they will definitely study for their next semester.

You know what! They don’t.

But, it’s never too late to start. If you are a student, I’m not telling you to study all the time.

What I’m saying is start with a single topic, not the chapter, not the book, only a single small topic from your syllabus.

A professor from the University of California says- It is not necessary to study the whole day before exams to become a topper.

Study for 4-6 hours every day during the whole semester. This is necessary. This habit will make you smart and topped in your exams.

importance of time management

Little by little increase your time and cover the topics. Don’t study hard guys, it’s 2019, you have to study smart.

Click on the link to know how to study smart.

Remember every day is a new day. Every time is a perfect time. Now is the right time.

Time Management is Essential

A common man can become successful by utilizing their time in an efficient way.

Well, you have 24 hours in a day. It depends on you. How you use that 24 hours. Either you waste it or utilize it.

So, coming to the point, time management is very essential on the road to success.

Time is Everything

Ask yourself-

  • Do you want to become wealthy?
  • or Do you want to drive luxurious cars?
  • or Do you want to live in your dream house?
  • and Do you want to travel to the places that you always dreamed of either in or outside of your country?

If the answer to these questions is a big YES! Then stop wasting your time. Don’t ignore your goal for temporary comfort.

Start working on your dreams and goals. I’ll say to start now. Take a pen and paper and write down your goals and make a plan to achieve it.

Not today, not even tomorrow, start now. Just do it.

Remember one thing, if you are committed to achieving your goals, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

But, if you are interested, you’ll find a reason and excuses.

How to manage time?

I’ll tell you how you can manage time in an effective way. Read the time management tips carefully:

Set a Time Table

You must have a time table for your daily life. Make a time table of how will you spend your 24 hours.

Remember, you must sleep for 6-8 hours every night properly. Manage your time wisely.

Set a time for what to do and when to do!

Make a List

Take a pen and a paper; write down the tasks that you need to do today.

First, prioritize the most important task.

Second, the task with low priority than first, and so on.

And, ignore the tasks which are not necessary. Use time management tools.

For instance, set a reminder on your mobile/laptop. Use the calendar feature of your mobile or laptop and set the tasks with the time.

Set deadlines

If you choose the time limit for every task, it’s easier to complete it on time.

Deadlines make you keep working on your task, only if you are committed.

In case if you don’t set the deadline for selected tasks, the chances are you will leave it.

You can set deadlines beside your task list or you can set a reminder in your mobile calendar or simple table calendar.

Mobile calendar will keep reminding you how much time you have left.

importance of time management

Take action

Suppose, you are reading this blog, not applying these rules, what will be the results?

Zero, you will be in the same position where you are now!

Taking action is a major part of your goal. Taking action will take you closer towards your goals.

Every task that you will finish will take you one step closer to your goals. Count every inch of success.

Remove Distraction

Distraction is the major cause of giving up. Everyone has distractions.

You often get distracted while working on your goals or studying.

To avoid distraction, clean your workplace put only the necessary things at your workplace. Avoid mobile is you’re being distracted from it.

Make your surroundings a workplace for the desired goal.

For instance, if you want to study, convert your surrounding into the study room, put books on the table, hang study quotes on your walls.

Set up the place that, it only meant for completing tasks every day.

Turn off social media app notification in the setting.

Or, download an app which enables no notification from play store/app store.

My phone has an inbuilt feature called NO NOTIFICATION. Most of the time, it is enabled.

It keeps me focused on my tasks.

Stay focused

As I told earlier that distraction is the major cause of giving up. Similarly, staying focused is the major part of your success.

If you lose focus, you’re gone. I’m not scaring you. I’m awaking you.

So, try not to lose your focus. It’s important to focus on one task a time, say no to multi-tasking.

If you think about the long list that you had made, you will get frustrated. And frustration will cause failure, you may stop somewhere in the middle.

So, to escape from the above problem just focus on one thing at a time.

Keep motivating and inspiring yourself

Often you lose motivation after working for a few days or hours, don’t panic, it’s normal.

You have to talk to your mentor or you can watch motivational videos and read motivation blog posts( like our blog MiracleMe Today).

Also, if you want, you can hang some motivational and inspiration pictures, quotes on the wall, from where it can be easily seen.

Here the list of top 10 motivational books to read before you die.

Motivation and inspiration will increase your creativity and productivity.

You will be charged when you have the dose of motivation and inspiration.

How to plan your day?

Brian Tracy, the motivational speaker, mentor, author asks peoples to plan your day.

According to him, the most important thing to achieve your goals is- plan for your next day before sleep.

Take a piece of paper and make a list of your task that you are going to do tomorrow. In other words, he is a saying to make a to-do list.

Somehow, if you skip or forgot to make the list at night, don’t worry.

Just wake up in the early morning and the first thing you have to do is to make a list of everything that you had to do that day.

You can prioritize the task according to their importance.

How to prioritize the task?

In the next section of this article, I’ll tell you how you can prioritize the tasks.

If you can wait, move to the importance of time management section ( principle no. 3- ABCDE Technique )

How to make a To-do list on mobile and laptop?

For android mobile- if you are using an android phone. You must have an app called KEEP inside the Google folder on your home screen.

And if you don’t have the app in your mobile, simply go to play store and download it by searching “KEEP” on the search bar.

For iPhones – if you have the app, that is good but if you don’t have, you can download it from the app store. The same app is available for iPhone- “KEEP”.

For laptops or desktop- either you use the different app by searching Notes or if you want to use “KEEP” on laptop or desktop. Go to and you can access using your email id.

The most interesting part of this app is The Checklist feature. I liked the most and even use it a lot.

You can make your to-do list in the checklist form. Tick the completed task.

Do Smart Work

Also from Brian Tracy, he says- to use the 80/20 principle.

In brief, set priority to your tasks as per the importance. For instance, if you had to complete 10 tasks today.

Do the first 2 tasks which are the most important and more useful than the remaining 8 task.

The Importance of Time Management

In this section, I will cover the importance of time management and how to manage your time from the principles of the famous book “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy.

importance of time management

Principle 1 – Setting the table

It is important to have the clarity of your goals. If you don’t have goals clarity you will waste most of your time in irrelevant things.

If you want to become successful it is necessary to have clarity of goals or target. To do this you can follow the seven-step formula, here it is:

1. Decide Exactly What Do You Want:

The heading describes itself. You should decide what do you want. in terms of finance, health, business or relationships.

2. Think on Paper:

Only 3% of the people write their goals on paper, and the habit of these 3% peoples increase their chance of achieving their goal by 5-10%.

So, make a habit of writing goals and plan on a paper. If you can’t write on the paper, type and save them in your mobile.

3. Make Deadlines

It is more important to set a deadline to complete any goals on time. Deadline gives you a way to complete your goals faster.

Lack of deadlines will make you lazy. Set deadlines for every goal.

4. Make a list

Make a list of all the tasks that you need to complete to move towards your goals.

 5. Organize the List and Make Plans

Organize the list that you had made and make an effective plan to complete the list. Planning is very effective.

6. Take Actions

Take immediate action on your plan. Because action will give you the result.

7. Resolve Yourself to do things every day That Moves you towards your goals

Doing things related to your goals will take you closer to your goals. Do the things related to your goals at least once in a day either you are too busy.

You should keep learning, by reading books, reading blogs, watching videos.

However, Reading a book is really important. Reading Books Makes You smart. Napolean Hill says- The more you learn the more you earn.

There is an awesome post which tells you about the importance of reading. Here is the link.

Remember, Leaders are Reader.

Principle 2- Plan Every day In Advance

The 6P formula for time management describes Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Planning for a few minutes before starting any work can save your minutes and make your work easy.

Lack of planning cause procrastination and laziness.

And, to make the planning successful, you have to take actions.

To take actions, you must have a list of tasks that you are going to complete. 

Principle 3- ABCDE Technique

ABCDE is a priority technique which is very effective.

Firstly, you need to make List of the tasks.

Secondly, you will have to mark every task with an alphabet in Ascending order.

In other words, Put A beside the most important task. Put B beside the task less important than task A. Put C beside the task less important than B and A and so on.

The following video will describe you all three principles in more details. Have a look!

Books On: Importance of Time Management


In conclusion, we came to know the importance of time management and tips for time management.

Firstly, Make a list of task that you have to complete to move closer towards your goals.

After that, Make a powerful plan to complete those tasks.

Secondly, Make a time table of what to do and when to do tasks. And, remember to sleep for 6-8 hours properly.

Thirdly, Set deadlines, setting deadlines will keep you busy in your work. Hence, the task will be completed fast.

Fourth, Take action, action will give you result not only planning.

Fifth, Remove distractions, get the things away from yourself which distracts you. Disable social media notification.

Sixth, stay focused on your goals. Never Give up in any situation. Doesn’t matter how difficult is your work!

Lastly, keep motivating and inspiring yourself when you lose focus and motivation. You’ll be recharged.

Above all were my tips for you to manage time.

Which one did you like the most? And how you manage your time.

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