Job Vs Business: What to Choose Business Or Job?

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What to Choose Business or Job

Today in 2020, the world is growing faster, and everywhere is competition whether it’s job or business. This post covers the Difference between Job vs Business and it’s pros and cons. Let’s break it down.

We have 3 proven ways to earn money. The first one is starting your own business, second is doing a corporate job (9 AM-5 PM) and the last one is to get a job and save money for the business.

In this post, I’m going to clear your confusion about what to choose between Job Vs Business; Which is a better option for you. Also, I’ll mention the Pros and Cons of Job And Business.

There are tons of ways to earn money but 70% of people choose “Job” as the best source of earning. Of course, getting a job is much easier than starting your own business. Starting a business is a risk. And, you don’t want to take the risk. Those who don’t take the risk, they work for others their whole life.

You can also choose the third option i.e. doing the job and saving money for the business.

A teacher asks the student in a class: What is Risk? The student replied: to start a new business is a risk. But when the same question was asked by an entrepreneur, he replied: to depend on a single job as a source of income is a risk.

Generally speaking, Job will not make you rich. You can only fulfill your needs by doing a regular 9-5 job. Also, average students dream of a better job after finishing college. Only a few of them start their own business. 

The average billionaires ask people to start their own business if they want to become rich and successful.

How Much you can Earn in Job or Business

In the 21st century, money is like oxygen. If you don’t have, you can’t survive. Everyone needs money to live, there’s no in the whole world who don’t want money. Also, you indeed need money to live a better life. You can buy a good lifestyle from money.

In Job, after working for 8 hours every day for the whole month you will get a fixed salary by 1st of every month.It doesn’t matter how much hard work you do, you’ll get nothing extra other than your salary. You know this if you are a job person.

But in business, the more time you’ll give to your business the sooner you’ll be richer. In other words, there’s no limit for your earning in business.

Job or Business: If You Choose Job?

Job vs Business

While doing a job you work for others you may call yourself a professional servant. Doing a job is like fighting with your dreams and yourself every day.

You’ll be fighting with traffic, workload, and pressure on the mind. However, you’ll have to face the pressure in business also.

Yeah! but that will be for your work. In the early stage of business, you’ll face the pressure, and later after 2-3 years(depending on how much work you do), you’ll have people who will take care of your tension, workload, and pressure.

And, you’ll be chilling sitting near a beach with a beer in hand. In a job, you will have a fixed day of your vacation or leave.

And, you will need the permission of your boss to go on a vacation. It is necessary to work better every day to survive longer in your company. Your job is not fixed too.

Most of the people don’t get paid according to their work. And your salary is fixed. It doesn’t matter how much hard work you do, you are not going to be paid extra than your fixed salary.

Also if you have completed your work for today and you want to leave for home, you will not be allowed to leave before time. In a job, you will have to work under someone. You are not independent.

Business or Job: If You Choose Business?

Job vs Business

Being a business owner you will be your boss. You will be independent and free to do anything to grow your business.

You can take leave or go on a vacation without taking anyone’s permission. There will be no one above you, you will be the boss, you’ll rule your business. In the beginning, to make your business successful or to grow your business, you’ll have to work harder than the job.

If you want to learn business, it is recommended to learn from leaders. And, Leaders share their strategy and the mistakes they have made through the medium of books.

Here are the books that you must read: Top 10 Books to read.

It’s highly recommended to learn from books about business rules and strategies. Because the more you learn, the more you earn.

Books are the best source of learning.

Bill Gates
A complete description of Job life Vs Business life.

No Retirement in Business

There is a limited time to work in any organization or firm in which you will work. After retiring there is no source of income.

You may have to face bad times in your old age that are not good. But in business, you will decide your retirement, and also after retirement, you’ll have the source of income.

Business in 2020: Online Business

In 2020, You can start your business online. There is no need for physical stores. Also, because of the rising cases or COVID-19, everything is moving online.

And, the people who used to earn online are in a big profit because Internet is never lockdown. Online business is more profitable than running an offline shop. You’ll be able to sell your products to different Cities.

There is no need for large space to do start a business. Yeah! You can start a business in your home too.

You can register for Amazon seller or Flipkart seller through their website.

Amazon Seller

Flipkart Seller

All you need is a mobile or laptop (laptop would be a better choice) and an internet connection. These days, the internet price is very low and almost everyone has a smartphone.

After that, you will need to select the product which you want to sell online. For instance, books, electronic products or even you can sell cosmetic products online from home.

You can buy the products at wholesale price from the local market and sell them online. Even if you have a choice to buy products at cheap prices in small or big stocks (quantity- 5 or 50) from Alibaba.

Alibaba is an online market for wholesale products at a very low price. After that, Buy products from Alibaba and sell them on Amazon.

Business with No Money: Freelancing

Well, Freelancing is a large business in 2020 and the experts say Freelancing is going to grow rapidly in the future. It is a better choice to start your freelancing career now. Read in detail about business without any investment here.

Almost every IT firm is providing work from home, and this is not going to stop, it will continue to grow. Work from home is more reliable for companies and for employees too.

There are many ways to start a business with no money. You will get a lot of ideas on the internet. One of the ideas is Freelancing. Best business to start with no money.

Freelancing is an independent business where you can work from anywhere and anyplace. Only you need a laptop and an internet connection.

I’m a Freelancer, I earn $1000-$1500 every month by working part-time as a web developer. I get many orders, I have to refuse many of them. Because I don’t want to make it full-time. But you can make it full-time.

Where to Start Freelancing?

There are many freelancing platforms but the most popular are:

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Peopleperhour
  4. Fiver
  5. Guru
  6. Truelancer

You can register on these websites and make an attractive profile so that clients can see it.

But, it is important to have some skills. Skills can be anything, such as graphic designing, content writer, social media marketing, web developer, or software developer.

And, If you don’t have skills, go and acquire any skill from YouTube.

In case, you don’t have time to learn skills, you can earn money by a simple job like data entry. Just by copy and paste job in excel sheets i.e. to collect emails, data, phone, or websites.

Data entry is the easiest job on the freelancing websites. The more you get work, the more you will grow higher.

Later, you can hire someone from friends to do the same work under you or with you. You don’t have to pay a fee for registration or applying for a project.

While getting paid for the project, they will automatically deduct a fee for not more than 20%, the rest amount will be yours and will be transferred into your bank account.

In the above infographic, are some ideas to start a business with no money in 2020. There is no need to own a physical store or invest lots of money.

You can start with these ideas today for free of cost. 6 Out 7 ideas are free to start. The blog requires some money to start.

But if you are interested in blogging, you can also start with Rs. 10,000 ($130). I will recommend you the best hosting and domain at a cheap price.

Why Business is better than a Job?

How much can you earn in a regular 9-5 job as a newbie? Maybe $1000-$2000 (approx. Rs. 70,000) a month!

But the truth is you can only fulfill your need by doing a job of $1000 a month.

Only business can make your dreams into reality. The dreams of having a luxury car, a luxurious home, and luxurious life. There is nothing other than business to become financially successful in a fairway.

You will earn a limited and fixed amount of money by doing a job. But in business, there is no limit on the money. The more you work. the more your business grows and the more you will earn.

A short video on the life of an Entrepreneur

Job Vs Business Difference: Pros and Cons Of the Job

Pros of the Jobs

  • You don’t have to take responsibility for your company.
  • You will receive a fixed salary every month, whether the company grows or flops.
  • The flexibility of working hours.
  • You can Enjoy paid vacations and holidays.
  • In a job, you can spend time with your family on the weekend.
  • You can get a promotion by doing smart work.
  • And, you don’t have to take the risk.

Cons of the Jobs

  • You are taking the risk by depending on only one source of income.
  • The time, for which you work, you earn. When you stop work for some reason, you don’t earn.
  • Jobs can’t make your dreams into reality.
  • You might have to face office politics.
  • Your ideas might not be appreciated.
  • Too many bosses, too many rules.
  • Jobs are not always safe. They can fire you anytime if they want.
  • You don’t have freedom; you will have to work according to your boss’s statement.

Business Vs Job Difference: Pros and Cons of Business

The Pros and Cons of Job Vs Business. Read it carefully.

Pros Of the Business

  • You don’t have to work for others. You will work for your company.
  • No one will permit you to implement any new idea.
  • You’ll be your boss.
  • You can choose when to work and from where to work.
  • Freedom to make a decision.
  • You have the freedom to do anything.
  • No one will scold you for being late.
  • You can’t be fired.
  • Enjoy all the profits.
  • In business, you can create your lifestyle. You can fulfill your dreams, you will live the life you wanted.
  • You have more opportunities than a job.
  • The more you put your efforts, the more you grow.

Cons Of the Business

  • In business, you will have to work double than a job (in the beginning).
  • A huge investment is required.
  • A lot of hard work is required for a business.
  • Business is not an overnight success.
  • It might take a few months or a few years to grow.
  • You have to acquire many skills to grow your business or you can hire people if it is in your budget.
  • You’ll take the risk of doing business. In other words, business is a risk.
  • The pressure of deadlines from clients.
  • Battle against competitors.


Job vs Business

You can save this infographic of Job vs Business on mobile/laptop for future reading.

Books to Read to Learn Business:

Below are the books which will transform you into a Real Businessman Or An Entrepreneur. I will recommend you to read books digitally. You save a tree.

Benefits of Digital Reading: E-Book

You can also switch to e-Book to read and learn anywhere. In fact, e-Books are more reliable than the paperback.

Also, e-Books are eco-friendly. No waste of paper. And, ebooks are cheaper than the paperback.

Introduction to Business

Rich dad Poor dad (Highly Recommended)

Rich dad Poor dad (Hindi)

Millionaire Fastlane


In the above paragraphs, I’ve done a brief comparison between Job Vs Business.

In conclusion, We came to know the truth is you can’t become rich by doing a job. But, Business will make you rich. Average people do prefer a job for the safety of their life.

In other words, they don’t want to take the risk, maybe they don’t believe in themselves. But the biggest risk of your life would be depending on only one source of income, i.e. A job

In 2020, doing business is easier than the early 20s, you can choose an online business platform. I’ve discussed the pros and cons of Business and Job. Also, I have shared the idea of online business on Amazon and Flipkart.

And, last, but not least, I’ve mentioned some of the books to read if you want to learn the business from billionaires in detail. Trust me, books are the best source of learning specialized things. It is better to learn from the experts.

You can buy e-books if you want to learn anytime and anywhere. BTW here is a list of books to read. These books relate to success. Above all, was the complete comparison of Job Vs Business. What do you Like Job or Business?

Finally, What business do you want to do?

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