Laziness: How to Overcome Laziness?

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How to overcome laziness

This post -How to overcome laziness? contains powerful tips that you can apply to overcome the laziness.

Laziness happens to all of us. Sometimes we don’t feel like to do anything, to work, or to study. It’s easier to chill and relax, have fun, and enjoy. But what if it becomes your habit? It starts to destroy your goal, your passion.

When it becomes your habit, you didn’t like to do anything which is actually a bad habit. You can overcome laziness by exchanging bad habits with good habits.

how to overcome lazziness

Being lazy makes you totally unproductive. Laziness can ruin your relationships and professional life too. Laziness can totally make your life worse.

You will never reach your destination sitting on a couch in a room. You will have to stand and walk towards your goals.

How to overcome laziness in the Study:

how to overcome lazziness in study

The most important thing is: education is must be given to every child whether poor or rich. However, this blog post is not related to the education system.

Coming to the point, Laziness in studies is common, it happens to most of the students. When you watch some motivational video or read motivational quotes for students you get charged up.

After that, you Start to study having the thought in the mind that you’ll finish a chapter today, after few minutes not hours, so after few minutes you get back to the same position i.e. laziness. Aren’t you?

So, the solution to the problem that I have is – study for at least one hour daily. Skip the subject or chapter which is making you feel lazier. Make it your habit for doing this daily for the next 21 days.

Reward yourself after studying for one hour. Eat something that you like. Play the mobile game for 20 minutes. Get a walk. Read affirmations when you feel demotivated also, think about your goals.

If you belong to any middle-class family or if you are economically weak only study is the way through which you achieve your goals.

I’ve written an article on how to concentrate on studies. Click here if you also have a lack of concentration in studies.

5 Effective Ways to Overcome Laziness:

Consider the following tips to get your life on the right track. The tips that you are going is to read is super easy:

Setting Goals


The major cause of laziness is the lack of goals. When you don’t have goals or vision in your life, you think you have nothing to do. You may feel that you are useless.

So, Goal setting is an essential step to overcome laziness. When you’ll have goals, you will try to achieve them. You will have a burning desire and you will work hard to achieve your goals.

While having respective goals of your life, you will be busy making them true. You must not live a life without a goal. Set a time, like on which date you want your goals to be completed.

For instance, If you like to buy a brand new car. Just set a goal regarding. I am going to buy this car on or before the 2nd of November this year. After that, try hard to complete those goals.

Do what you like, just keep the focus on that car which is your dream or says goal. When you feel demotivated, spend some times with the internet or visit the car shop to examine the car, read more details, view its picture, it will recharge your motivation.

Scientifically Proven Ways to Overcome The Laziness :

However, some people having goals feels lazy to achieve them. I have come with some scientifically proven ways to overcome the laziness.

How to overcome laziness? The answer to this question is, laziness occur because of lack of energy. Feed yourself with lots of energy immediately after waking up in the morning.

Below mentioned are a few terms which you have to not only keep in mind, also you have to do it anyhow if you want to overcome laziness:

  • Exercise: do at least 30 minutes of exercise after waking up in the morning. You can do any exercise that you want. It may be yoga, go to the gym, walking or running. You can also do some push-ups.  
  • Eat fruits: Try to eat some fruits before and after exercise. Fruits can be anyone that you like. If you don’t like, starting liking it. Choose at least one fruit, for instance, banana which has the highest source of energy, the apple we all know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, orange, etc.
  • Drink water: water is common among any energy source. Whether you like it or not, you will have to drink plenty of water. According to doctors, a man should drink 7 liters of water every day.
  • Planning: plan your day in advance that what you have to do today. Create a to-do list. And try to be better than you were yesterday. 
  • Avoid Mobile phones: Avoid mobile phones in the morning. This is very essential. Do not check your mobile phone after wake up. Yeah! You can check it after a few hours when you will finish the above-written task.

Practice these tips daily, at least for 21 days. You might have heard about the power of 21 days of habit. It’s true. To make this your habit, you should do all these at least for 21 days.

Also, if you want to learn how to overcome laziness. You just go and check out the article – the power of 21 days of habit. It will teach how to convert the above-written things into your habit for the solution to the problem of how to overcome laziness.

To-do list

to-do list

Always make a to-do list before starting your end or by the end of the day for the next morning. Shortlist the things that you like to do and the things that you have to do. Put the most important task first.



Exercise is extremely important. We all know the benefits of exercise? You understand better. However, doing exercise that doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym or to the ground, you can do it at your home after wake up in the morning.

Exercise keeps your mind healthy, improves blood circulation and remove stress. Exercising 30 minutes a day in the morning is more beneficiary compared to the rest of the day.

At least do some yoga or few pushups [40-50]. It would be better if you choose meditation; it really helps; believe me.

Most of the billionaires ask everyone to meditate at least once in a day. It increases focus, concentration and will power; also include self-confidence.

Exercise keeps your mind healthy and also keep you mentally and physically fit.

The Reward

Always keep yourself waiting for a reward. Travel the places you like which are near you. Do the things you like to do.


Give yourself a reward after completing your tasks. The reward may be small or big, for instance, if you like to eat at your favorite restraint, reward yourself by going to that restraint after getting the work done.

Find your Interests

lazy cat

The reason for being of lazy is lack of interest in work that you’re doing. Ask yourself- Do you like your work? If you don’t why do you even choose that goal make it your dream? You should choose the goal that you are interested in.

For instance, let’s talk about games. You feel never feel lazy when you will be asked to play games, but if I ask you to study for an hour, not more than one hour. Will you study with the same interest that you had while playing games? Probably not!

The interest is an essential term to overcome laziness. Choose the things or task that you are interested in. The mentors say to avoid the things in which you are not interested. The more chances of your success are when you’ll choose your goal based on your interest.

Such as, If you have an interest in computers then why are going in the field of Construction. Stop pushing yourself in the jobs in which you’re not interested.

In the case of daily life, you can’t survive if you always find interest. You can’t skip your important task.

So, according to me, the solution to this problem is making a list of daily tasks that you like on the one side on a piece of a paper and the tasks that you don’t like which is boring on another side on a paper.

Prioritize the important task first; complete the task one by one that you like. After that, complete the task which you kept in the boring list.


  • Set goals.
  • Make a to-do list every day: task with priority.
  • Do exercise daily for at least 30 minutes.
  • Give yourself a reward.
  • Find interest in your work to achieve your goal

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