Living With Integrity: A Way Of Life (with Examples And Infographics)

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The people who live with integrity are proud of themselves. Integrity is a way of life to live respectfully, honestly, and trustworthy.

trust by integrity

The people who live with integrity are more valuable than others. You are highly respected everywhere because you are honest, simple, you live with pride, you are highly prioritized.

Also, living with integrity will have you build better relations, at work, at home, or with your friends. The people would love to work with you on any projects. However, mostly and highly successful people live an integrity life. 

Integrity meaning in Hindi: अखंडता, सत्यनिष्ठा, ईमानदारी|

What Is Integrity, A Way of Life?

From author C.S. Lewis- “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.”

Integrity is a practice of being honest with yourself and others, integrity is the discovery of truth in yourself. Integrity is a way of life living truthfully. It doesn’t matter if anyone is watching you or not, you have to be truthful and do the right thing always. 

It is a mixture of trust, honesty, love, and humanity.

trust by integrity

Integrity is being true to yourself and your words. It’s not easy as it sounds, but it’s not impossible either. People living with integrity is like- What they speak, they do it.

We all are human but unfortunately, we don’t know much about humanity. You are not a human if you are using people, haughty and self-centered, and dishonest with yourself and others.

Humans should have three qualities:- truth, love, and compassion.

Integrity is an unbreakable commitment to truth always, in any situation, in any circumstances.

Why Integrity is Important?

While Living with integrity, builds trust for yourself in other’s lives. You become a leader, colleagues and team members are willing to work with you. They saw you as their role model. You inspire, motivate, and influence others.

People living with integrity are humble, polite, and, highly respected of course, also, good in decision making, and great leaders. 

leader by integrity

Your decisions create your image (good or bad) in front of others; your decision defines your character. 

Integrity is a sign of trust, honesty, respect, and love.

We, humans, commit but we do not fulfill it. For example, every year you make New Year’s resolutions but you don’t do it for more than a week. Because we are never serious about our integrity.

You never earn respect without integrity. 

integrity a way of life

Where there is no integrity there will be no trust and if there is no trust, life will become extremely tortuous if you live with people who don’t trust you.

Living with integrity people will connect with you from the heart, not from the mind. People will stick to you for their whole life. Because everyone likes a trustworthy person. And nowadays such people are very less.

Living with integrity can make you successful in every aspect of life. You can become a trustworthy leader. A leader gets full respect only when he is trustworthy.

Living with integrity you will succeed in your business. The customers also trust truthful companies and use their products.

Keep in mind, doing the right thing always leads to better results or better outcomes. It builds better relationships. 

Importance of Integrity in Students Life

In any educational institution, a good relationship between a student and a professor/teacher is built by trust and respect for each other. The students got a reference. Also, teachers remember only those students who have integrity for all teachers and their classmates. 

In the case of students, every student has one great teacher as a Mentor in their life, whom they remember for a lifetime. They never forgot their teacher’s lesson.

How to Implement Integrity in Students Life

value time

Integrity in student life does matter because students are the future. You’re going to build a better world tomorrow. Today you’ll learn and tomorrow you’ll implement. Below are some key points which help you to live an integrity life.

Commitment: When you commit to studying 4 hours a day, stay with your commitment. Value your words. Do what you have committed, study 4 hours a day. It’s not impossible, just set a routine to study an hour every day, increase 10 minutes extra everyday.

Focus: Pay attention in the classroom during lectures. Believe me, class lectures are very effective. Listen to your teachers when they teach you. Don’t fall into a different world of thoughts and imagination, take notes during lectures, and revise those notes later. Try to focus.

Cheating: Everyone likes to cheat on exams, but cheating is not a solution for learning. If you’re cheating then you haven’t learned anything. Stop it. Cheating is not going to make you successful in life.

integrity a way of life

Importance of Integrity at the Workplace

We work for a living, we work to earn, we work to enjoy life because there’s no one to feed you for free if you don’t work (millionaires too). We all have some jobs to do, why not do our jobs with integrity at the workplace.

Below are some key points for the importance of integrity at the workplace and how to build it: 

Value Time: You must know the importance of time. Integrity at the workplace begins by giving value to time because it never comes back, we all know that. 

Work on your schedule, do not waste your time at work doing miscellaneous things.

Dedicate yourself to your work; you’re hired to work, you’re not getting paid to use mobiles at work most of the time.

importance of time

Keep your Promises: Have you ever been scolded for being late or not finishing the job by the deadline?

Well, everyone has experienced this either in school, colleges, or at work. That’s Ok. We promise our boss to never be late again.

But the important thing is to keep our promise; a promise is easy to make. 

Give Credits to the Deserving: If you’re taking credit for the work that you haven’t done, then you’re not honest. Always give credit to people who completed the job. 

If you’re a leader, and you’ve accomplished your work with your team. You’re not alone, the whole team has a contribution, you should give credits to you and your team too, not alone. This will add a lot of respect and trust for you at the workplace.

Treat People with respect: Every small and big employee expects respect in return from their colleagues. It’s a way to show integrity.

These are the qualities of a great leader. 


How to Live with Integrity

You will live with integrity only if you want to bring it in your life. However, living with integrity is not compulsory. But if you make it compulsory for yourself, it can change your entire lifestyle. Believe me.

It will help you in every aspect of your life and will make everything easy and simple.

To live with integrity, you must be truthful and honest with yourself first. That’s the first thing to do. If you are truthful and honest with yourself, you will be truthful and honest with others.

Value your words, complete the commitments given to yourself and others, And if you cannot complete, then do not lie, Tell the truth.

After building Integrity, it does not matter to you what other people keep an opinion about you and what they think about you, You will be the one you believe about yourself. It will transform your life.

Example Of Integrity

Example 1: The King’s Successor

A king with no kids used to live in his kingdom. The king was getting older and older. He had no kids who were going to take care of his kingdom after his retirement. 

He got an idea- the idea was to choose a successor from his kingdom. His workers announced the whole kingdom that he is going to choose a successor from the kingdom. If Anyone interested, they can apply.

Thousands of people applied.

The king called them all one day in his palace. He kept a meeting with all who wanted to be his successor.

In the meeting, he said that he has no kids and he is going to choose anyone from you as his successor.

The Test: 

The king announced that he is going to give each and everyone one seed. He said-” I’m going to give you one single seed, you can seminate the seed in the flower pot. And, after 6 months we will meet again at the same time and same place with your flowerpot. And I’ll decide who’s going to be my successor by seeing your plants.

He did the same. The king distributed a single seed to each.

People took it and went home and the very next day everyone planted the seed in a pot. But, there was a poor guy named “David” between them. He cannot afford an expensive pot, he planted the seed in a small pot made of soil.

After a week, many people were getting results. In other words, they can see the tiny plant in their pot. But David didn’t get any results. He keeps watering the plant.

It has been more than a month, everyone can see the plant growing in the pot. But, David didn’t get any results. 

Result Day:

The six months were over and everyone went to the king’s palace for the meeting. Everyone has got a plant in their flowerpot, only David was the single one who got nothing in his flowerpot. It was empty.

He was worried. People were making fun of him. He decided to not go to the meeting because he was feeling ashamed of him. 

But his mother convinced him to attend the meeting. 

The king watched everyone’s plant, they were having different colorful flowers. The king watched out all the flowerpots. And then he reached David- He asked him- ” Where is your plant?”

David replied in a sad voice- “I tried my best to transform the seed into the plant, but nothing worked. I’m so sorry.”

The King was going to announce his successor. Everyone was waiting for the result.

The king said-” My dear all, 6 months earlier, I had given you all a seed, that seed was boiled. And, boiled seeds can’t be transformed into plants.

And, from you all, I found only a single man who has shown Integrity by not changing his seeds. The man is David. 

Thus, David became the successor of the king. Because he followed integrity. 

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching you. 

Example 2: Reward Of Honesty

Ask yourself- Do You Live with Integrity?

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