Never Give Up Speech: The Importance Of Never Giving Up

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We talk about peoples who have never give up. Also, we take inspiration from the people who have never give up on their dreams. We talk about their success but not about their journey to success.

The expert in anything was once a beginner.


Those people are successful today because they never give up on their dreams, they keep trying. And this is the reason today they are successful.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edison

The People who are looking for success, they never settle. Watch the following video.

Never Give Up Speech Video

Meaning of failure

Don’t be afraid of failure, it’s a part of success. Failure makes you stronger. The more times you fail, the stronger you become only if you don’t give up. You experience more things through it. Failure doubles the happiness of your success.

When you fall down and fight for your dreams, again and again, the happiness of achieving your dreams also gets doubled. No matter in which situation you are now, never give up on your dreams.

Successful peoples always says “don’t give up”, do you know why? Because they know it is a part of your success journey and they have experienced failure more than you. They’re successful today because they faced the failure, they fought with the failure.

They know better if you will give up today, you’re not going to become rich and successful tomorrow. This is it.

If you will give your best today, you are going to definitely win the upcoming today. Because tomorrow never comes. Every day is today and every day is a new day to begin. If you lose, you should not get frustrated or depressed.

Instead of moving two forward steps, it will bring you two or more steps backward from where you are now today. If you feel frustrated or depressed, you’ll feel like it’s over, but the truth is- it’s never over. It is the beginning of a journey to success.

When you fail in something, it means you have started, it means that you’re trying at least. I know many people sitting the whole day and dreaming of a successful life, they’re not even trying to achieve that. It is always important to set goals.

Setting up a goal is the initial thing to do.

On the road to success, these are like bad passengers traveling with you. They will not last unless you want to take these to your last. Every man or woman who are traveling to their reach their goal, have the feeling of falling down and losing. Most of them feel like quitting and demotivated.

Some of them give up and few of them never give up, they keep going, but those who never give up, they create history, make their dreams come true, make their life rich and successful, they can get what they wanted always.

Never Give Up in Any Situation

Never give up, this three words sentence means either you are in a bad or the worst situation, never give up, never, ever give up. Tell me the name of people who have given up. The answer will be a large number of peoples, but people don’t know them, in fact, they also don’t know themselves.

never give up

But only because of failure they all are nobody to anyone except their friends, family, or relatives. Also sometimes it is necessary to fail in life because the number of times you fail, excitement, and happiness double your success and more you learn from failures.

For instance, when you play a football match. If you win 10 out of 10 matches, you will only feel good but if you lose some of the matches, say 2 or more times, you play hard to win, when you win, your happiness multiplies the number of times you lose the matches.

When you get success, it becomes the one the best moment of your life. Until you fail, you can’t get real happiness of what success is! The real happiness of the goal or dream that you wanted to achieve.

A small baby learning to walk, he/she falls down so many times in the beginning, they cry but next time when they try again, they don’t give up, failure doesn’t matter to them, they only want to reach their goal. They just focus on walking more and more steps every time when they fall. Because their focus is very cleared.

Do you Know? Bill Gates said “I become successful because I focused on a few things and my was focus was very clear“, i.e. the set fewer goals.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Never ever give up on your dreams, on your goals. You should be focused on your dreams. When you fail, you fail for that particular moment only. But, if you think about your failures, not about your success. You will be a failure guy. Because you only become what you think the whole day.

never give up

When you think of the failure, your subconscious mind gets that as an order and begin to make you a failure. But, if you will train your mind to become successful, you will become successful very soon. All you need is some patience and positive thinking.

But remember, the subconscious mind does not work from day 1, you have to keep training your mind in the morning after the wake-up and before going to bed (highly recommended) by using affirmations, visualization.

You will have to train your mind for at least 21 days, that’s a subconscious mind technique. Just train your mind for 21 days undoubtedly, and see the changes after 21 days.

A time will come into your life when you will lose. In fact, everyone in his/her life fails at least one. You know yourself better when you lose or fall down, you know your ability and will power. Those who are not afraid of losing or failure reach their goal.

While setting goals, the failure also becomes a part of your success journey. Never forget up on your dreams. Keep trying; never compromise when you are on the road to success. People often compromises with their goals. But you don’t have to.

Never wait for the perfect moment; just take any moment and make it perfect. You’ll have to fight for your dreams to achieve it. Also, only you can save yourself, try to become a fighter, so that you can save yourself from falling down or losing.

If you feel pain today, remember that this will be replaced by your strength tomorrow. When you fail, some people make your fun, but you have to prove them wrong, you have to prove them failures. Never quit, never ever give up. Do not give your 100%, do give your 120%.

Never stop, never stop for someone; keep going.

Successful People Says

You must have heard the name of Thomas Edison (Invented Bulb) when a reporter asked him- how do you feel when you fail thousands of times, he said- I didn’t fail thousands of times, I just found a thousand different ways that didn’t work.

The same happens to you when you fail, try different ways to achieve it. When you fail just get up and try again and again.

Mark Zuckerberg never gives up, he says –so many things go wrong when you’re starting a company and you should learn from mistakes, do not avoid it.

Jack Ma failed too many times, but he didn’t give up. He said- when he was going to start an online business, 23 out of 24 make his fun saying the internet is nothing, but he never gives up. He followed his dream.

All I want to say is, if you want your name in the list of successful people, then work hard, stay focused, and the most important never give up.

Always Remember:

The road to success and road to failure are almost the same.

The strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.


Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. If you are on the journey to success, don’t give up my friend, never give up. Remember, no pain, no gain. To create a better tomorrow, you should be working hard today.

I wish you best of luck.

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