7 Tips to Build Unbreakable Self Discipline

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Self Discipline

I was observing peoples in lockdown, I realize that the larger number of peoples are not having self discipline. Their time table is totally crashed. You should take this opportunity to work on yourself and on your goals. Because others are not doing it. So, I’m going to explain what is self discipline and why is it important? Also, How to build self discipline?

Why Self Discipline is Important?

Self discipline is one of the most important life skills for self-improvement. Self discipline for beginners is a war with the mind. Your mind is not in your control until you learn to control it. That’s why your mind does not want to do something amazing. It will try to stop you to wake up at 4 am. Stop you to read self-help books.

In other words, your mind wants you to take rest. It does not want you to put effort into something which is effective for you, it always wants to take rest, eat unhealthy foods, sleep for long hours, watch movies on Netflix. But, if you cannot win the war against the mind then you cannot win the war against the world

However, Self discipline is self-love. You have to love yourself first to be happy always. You have to change your unhappy life in a happy life. Self discipline is about quitting bad and poor habits and add some good habits.

Also, I’ve heard peoples saying – changing yourself is not good. But, I’ll say changing ourselves, is important. If you want to earn self-respect you need to change yourself. Or if you want to succeed, you need to change your behavior, the way you think, the way to talk, and the way you react. 

Why do I need to change myself?

Because successful people do not think as you think. They have different ways to think. If you want to succeed, you need to follow these habits of successful peoples.

Because they’re successful today not only because of their hard work, also because of their good habits. And yes, it’s totally true. I have watched several rich and successful people’s interviews. There’s one thing always common- self discipline.

Only You’re responsible for your success, and happiness. 

Tips to Build Strong Self Discipline

Daily Rewrite

Self discipline

Laziness destroys your happiness. Stop being laziness from today, take a small step against laziness. Take a pen and paper and start writing your goals and dreams now.

Set your goals and make a plan to achieve that goal. You can read here think and grow rich steps 6 steps to success. The famous author Napoleon Hill has mentioned in the best seller book Think and Grow Rich about becoming rich and successful in six-step followed by most of the millionaires.

After accomplishing the above task. You need to read or write your goals every night before bed and the first thing in the morning. 

By doing this consistently will remind you why your success matters, what you’re investing time, and your efforts to achieve your dreams. It will help you to stay focused on your goals.

Use Mobile as an Assistant

Most successful people avoid technology as it ruins your schedule and time. But technology can also be helpful for developing self discipline.

Instead of using a mobile for wasting your time, you should use a mobile as an assistant. There are few apps available in the app market which keep track of your mobile usage time on different apps. 

Instead of wasting time on tik tok and social media use your mobile apps to set reminders and routines for your daily tasks. For instance, I use the google task app as my everyday to-do list.

I record my daily tasks at a specific time. 

Also, I use Trello for the to-do list. I use an app called TImeTable which helps me to remind my routine every day. 

And yes, I also use social media but for learning and creating motivational quotes for you and upload them on every social media platform so that it can reach you anyhow.

Technology is not bad only if you use it in an effective way. Try not to get distracted.

Do not give Excuses

self discipline

According to Brian Tracy, 80% of people give excuses for not having time to do something, not having money to start a business, etc. They wait for one day that never comes. 

Those who fight with their excuse are called winners and those who don’t fight are losers. Stop giving these excuses, start today, do it now. 

Don’t wait for the right time, now is the right time to do something. These excuses won’t help you to achieve your goal and dreams.

If you dreamed of relaxing on the beach if you dreamed of buying a car if you have dreamed of having your own house then stop giving the excuse. Start with whatever you have today. 

Do it now or never it will happen.


Books are the most important and common habit of building self discipline. Almost every rich person today read books daily. Because reading boosts your mind, increases focus and concentration. 

You get ideas when you read. Learn more about the importance of reading.

Love Yourself

self discipline

It’s important to love yourself first. How valuable you are? If you love yourself your self-esteem will be high which will increase confidence and will power. The more positive you will think, the more you will love yourself, and others too.

Avoid Distractions from friends 

While working to achieve your goals try not to distract yourself by unwanted or selfish friends. You should continue with your priority tasks. People may come to you to ask you for help. Learn to say “NO”. They’re time-wasters. 

Not only your friends, but your mobile can also waste your time. Put mobile on DND mode while working. Choose DEEP WORK, not Shallow Work. Deep Work is far better than shallow work.

Do more than others

Normally people do not put more effort, but if you will put more effort, there’re more chances for you to win.

If you work harder than others there’re a lot of chances for you to be successful. This will increase your self discipline and the chances of getting successful.

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So, When you’re going to start implement these tips to improve your life?

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