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You might be worried about sleeping problems that’s why you are here. Am I right?. You are at the right place. I’m going to help you with your sleeping problems. In this post, I’m gonna talk about how to sleep early at night.

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You don’t need to be worried about sleeping problems. I was also facing the same problem for the whole year. I was awakened the whole night and used to sleep in the morning at 4 a.m, sometimes don’t.

But in the 21 days lockdown, I overcame my sleeping problem. The 21 days lockdown was an opportunity for me because it takes only 21 days to form any new habit (opens in new tab).

Nowadays, Sleeping problems are very common. No one is trying to find out the exact reason for this problem. People think that they are suffering from depression and because of this, they have sleeping problems. But there are so many reasons. Different people have different reasons for not sleeping. 

Reasons For Sleeping Problems

Some of the reasons for the sleeping problem are:-

1. The first and most common reason is depression.

2. Overthinking or negative thinking at night.

3. Sometime, it is only a phobia, people sleep well but think that they do not sleep well. 

Different people need different sleeping times. Some people have completed their sleep by 4 hours of sleeping and remain fit and some people are unable to complete their sleep by 6 hours of sleep. Many people need 8-10 hours of sleep ( I used to fall into this category but not now ). Relax, it’s not weird.

4. Laziness is also a reason for this sleeping problem because if you always have a habit of doing nothing only relaxing then chances are – you will not be able to sleep.

5. Sometimes the reason is hereditary. Only this type of sleeping problem needs to be fixed by the doctor, others can be fixed by themselves.

Now Find out your reason for your sleeping problem.

Sleeping Problems Temporary Solutions

Sleeping problems

* I will tell you about temporary solutions of sleeping problem:-

1. Before going to bed you have to take deep breathing ( also known as breathing exercise ). It takes your body in relaxation mode. Doing this exercise you will feel sleepy.

Breathing exercise is very effective and helpful for the mind. Doing this will immediately release all your tension, sorrow, and worries. 

2. You can listen to music in low sound and then after some time, you will feel sleepy.

3. Take a bath before sleep, it will relax your body and mind.

4. Do 10-20 minute meditation before sleeping.

5. Be active full day it will help you in sleeping at night.

6. Do exercise in the morning, It will help you to calm your mind.

All of the above tricks will help you in temporary relief from sleeping problems. 

Sleeping Problems Permanent Solutions

Sleeping problems

*Now I will give you permanent solution of this problem:-

To overcome this problem from the root you have to change the way you think. Try to be happy always. You have to think positive it will help you to live stress-free. I know that it’s not easy to always think and feel positive. 

So, for this, I will give you some ideas that will help you think positively.

1. Read daily 1/2 hr. Inspirational and motivational books or watch related videos. After some days of doing it regularly, you will see that the way you think is changed.

2. Talk positively ( also known as self-talk ) with yourself whenever you are free.

3. Whenever negative thoughts come to your mind, try to go to the root cause of it before getting upset by it. And then you will see that there is no need to worry about all this.

4. Positive affirmations will also help you to change the way you think.

*I am going to tell you how this works:-

Our mind has millions of branches of neurons that’s why it thinks in branches. It means when you talk to yourself negatively the more branches of negative thoughts become active inside your mind and after sometimes it becomes your habit to think negatively. And it harms every aspect of your life like relationship, careers, health, happiness, and if there is nothing going right in your life it will create overthinking or negative thinking which causes sleeping problems.

So, if you will start talking to yourself positively on a daily basis, your mind will create more branches of positive or right thoughts, and after sometimes it becomes your habit.

How to Train Yourself to Sleep Earlier

Sleeping problems solution

Turn all the digital devices off 30 minutes before going to bed. The reason is: Exposure to light-transmitting screens can reset your body’s circadian musicality, making it harder to nod off when you need to.

  • Meditate or do breathing exercises. Do inhaling-exhaling 
  • Work out at least 4 hours before your bedtime.
  • Make a schedule, go to bed by 11.30 pm for one week, and keep reducing 30-60 minutes every week.

There are lots of relaxing music on the internet. Listen to that music during bedtime. I will relax your mind and body as well. Below is the link.

Relaxation Sleep Music
  • Keep your bed clean. Nothing should be kept on the bed except the pillow and blanket.
  • Don’t consume caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol in the evening.
  • Read books before bed. Books that benefits your mind and improve life. Such as motivation, inspirational, and self-help books.

Here is a list of books that you must read.

Visualize your dreams or goals for 5 minutes before sleep.

An video which will help to sleep faster. Have a Look!

Faster sleep pressure points


Sleeping problem is not a big issue. If you think it’s a big issue, then you cannot get rid of this problem. Change the way you think.

Above mentioned tricks and techniques are scientifically proven. There are a lot of techniques that you can learn to sleep faster. Go to YouTube and search for sleep relaxation

But asked yourself first, do you want to sleep well? If yes, then start your mission tonight by practicing above tricks.

I’m sure you will overcome this problem because you really want to get rid of this problem, that’s why you are here.

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