Smart Work Vs Hard Work: What to do?

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In the following article, we are going to discuss which one is preferred hard work vs smart work?

What’s your choice readers? Hard work or smart work?

Which is better hard work vs smart work?

You might have heard from your parents to do hard work to be successful. Isn’t it?

And some of the parents ask their children to do smart work not hard work.

Today we are going to discuss which is better: Smart work vs hard work?

Also, We will take a few real examples. 

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Hard work or Smart Work 

In a small town, there was a small shop for computers and mobile phones repairing. The owner of the shop does lots of hard work to earn money.

He repairs computer whole day as much as possible. But he can’t make sufficient money.

He was doing hard work, repairing need a lot of hard work.

But then he started selling used and second-hand computers and mobile in the same shop. 

As both are high in demand, he earns more profit in selling used computers and mobiles than repairing. 

And he becomes rich by doing this smart work. He didn’t need to invest a lot of money to buy and sell those devices. 

That is smart work.

Smart Work

How 20-Year-old boy Earned 1 Million $38,100 in 180 days.

I’m going to discuss how efficient is Smart work? 

I want to ask you a question: Suppose you want to go for higher education to pursue any course and you don’t have money to pursue it. 

What will you do? You will quit or you’ll education loan?

If you really want to pursue the course, you may ask the bank for an education loan. Isn’t it?

Well, the case was with the boy name Alex Tew in England. 

He wants to pursue the course but he didn’t want to take an education loan. 

So, he decided to do something that would pay his fee.

Alex spends some money on buying a domain and hosting and build a website called

The investment was 50 Euros (which is equal to approx 4000 INR).

The website was containing a single page that is the home page. 

Alex divided the single home page into thousands of pixels which is a total of 1 million pixels and decided to sell 1×1 pixels for $1. 

1 millions pixels= 1 million dollar.

No one would buy 1×1 pixel, the probability was to sell 10×10 pixel per customer.

What customers can do with those pixels?

Well, they can put there logo or image of the business or websites that they want to promote. 

And anyone will land on their business by simply clicking the image or logo.

That was totally different.

BBC heard about this website and the website becomes famous and reached many peoples. 

That was brand promotion by the BBC. 

And, these bring a huge change in sale i.e. 250k pixels were sold within one month.

By the end, 999,000 pixels were sold already. 

The remaining was 1000 pixels.

Now, Alex decides to sell those 1000 pixels on eBay

People started biding on eBay.

And the pixel was sold at $38,100. 

In this way, Alex earned 1 million and $38,100 within 180days.

The interesting part is he didn’t take admission into the college.

The website looks like this:

The million dollar homepage

This is smart work. The investment of 50 Euros brings in return 1 million and $38,100.

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Hard work versus Smart work: Which is more reliable

In the 90s and 20s, people used to do a lot of hard work to become rich. People put more effort to grow themselves. 

In fact, they work for several hours, not just 8 hours, more than 8 hours to become rich.

But that’s good, there was less use of the internet at that time. People belives in human work, not on technology.

Yeah! But That’s Ok.

But today, the world in 2019 is the world of internet and technologies.

You’re surrounded by technologies. See around yourself.

In fact, you are reading this blog on mobile or laptop/desktop. That is obviously technology.

You do not need to move from your place to earn money.

In fact, you can find many people who earn huge money from the internet by sitting at their homes.

Also, they get paid when they didn’t work or you can say, they are earning while sleeping.

Isn’t it a big deal?

I want to ask you- What do you choose working at home by sleeping or working in the office under your boss?

Which is more reliable? 

If you ask me- Obviously it is working at home.

I can work from wherever I want and I can work by traveling places too.

All I need is a laptop and internet connection, which is always available nowadays in your pocket, i.e. mobile phones.

There are many people who are making great money by sitting and relaxing at their home. 

Many of them are earning $100K every month. That’s a Big Deal. 

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How to do smart work

I’ll tell you how you can do smart work. Let’s take a real-life example, suppose you have to move to place B from A. 

What will you do first?

In the case of hard work, you will choose the path that everyone is choosing. The path might be crowded, or it may have traffic. 

But in case of smart work, you would look in Google Maps for the shortest route which is not crowded and has less or no traffic.

This is smart work. 

To do smart work, do what 99% are not doing. Don’t be a part of the rat race. This is smart work.

Planning is the most crucial part of smart work. Making a plan is a good habit and it makes you smart. 

The difference between smart work and hard work is a strategy. While having a plan, you have the clarity of what you are doing.

So, when you are planning something, choose the easier way, it is not necessary to choose the difficult way. 

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How to do both Smart work and Hard Work

While starting a new business you have to do hard work in the first 3-4 years. 

It’s good to do hard work in a smart way. 

Let’s take an example to cover this topic. A student said, when my semester exams are near, all the student starts completing the full syllabus of every subject which is hard work. 

But, he finds a smart way to study i.e. the question was repeating every year. 

So, he collected the past 5-year question and study the 5 year’s questions only. 

This is a combination of smart work and hard work. The combination of both brings the result better.


The 80/20 Principle:

The law of Success

Think Like da Vinci


In the above post, discussed about Smart Work Vs Hard Work.

Doing hard work is good but it becomes better when done in an easy way.

If you chose to do hard work, do it in a smart way. 

The difference between hard work and smart is planning and strategy. 

If you have a plan, you have clarity that what you have to do. 

A 20-year-old boy earned 1 million $38,100 with an investment of 40Euros. 

And a student scores good marks in the exam by studying for the last 5 years question. That is hard work in a smart way.

If you always choose hard work then you are in a rat race. Do what only 1% are doing. 

Find your golden opportunity and work smart to become rich. 

What would you like? Smart Work or Hard Work!

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