Self Confidence: The Complete to Build Self Confidence

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Self confidence is about believing in yourself and having trust in yourself. If a person has a true belief in himself/herself then he/she can achieve anything they want in their life. This post is just a motivational speech on self confidence.

Confidence is not walking in a room and thinking no one is better than you. Confidence is you don’t have to compare yourself with anyone.

What is Self Confidence?

Self-confidence is to trust your abilities. Believe in yourself with clarity. It is how you feel about yourself. It depends on what you think about yourself from within.

Difference between Confidence and Over-Confidence

Confidence is you are the best version of yourself and overconfidence is you are the best from the whole world.

You must have heard that self-confidence is believing in yourself. It is not just believing in yourself only but also it comes from believing with clarity. Clarity means The work you have to do, should be very clear to your mind.

If you believe without clarity, it is overconfidence, not confidence. For example:-

If you are a salesman and you have the confidence that you can sell the product, without knowing whether that product is worth selling or not. That is overconfidence. You will get a failure, not a success.

But if you know about your product and you know that your product is amazing, the confidence that you have to sell that product will be the real self confidence.

When People Lose their Self Confidence?

Loss of self confidence occurs when the chemicals present inside your mind become imbalanced. Due to chemical imbalance, the level of endorphins decreases and the person starts feeling sad or low, the person starts having self-doubts, negative thoughts start increasing, because of increase in negative thoughts, a person starts seeing the negative aspects of everything.

Never doubt yourself, self doubt kills your confidence. And because of all this, the person starts losing self confidence.

Now, Why do Chemical Imbalances Occur?

Try to understand what is the root cause of chemical imbalance:

We used to be always happy when we were kids. There was a lot of confidence in us. We felt that we have the ability to do anything. But as we grow up, we have to face the pressure of education, career, job, life.

Your parents and teachers start giving you the pressure of study and career since your childhood. And some people are not able to handle the pressure.

They’re unable to accept the change and do not come out of their comfort zone. They start comparing themselves with others and they consider themselves inferior to others. They start taking other’s opinions about themselves too seriously.

These all affect the person’s mind and then chemical imbalance occurs.

The level of endorphins in the brain decreases. Dopamine chemicals decrease which is responsible for happiness. And that’s why the person loses self-confidence.

Why Self Confidence is Important?

No matter whether it is personal or professional life, self-confidence is important everywhere.

  • Your happiness, capabilities, self-esteem, motivation, chances of success will increase.
  • Your fear, stress level, will decrease.
  • Self-confidence does not make your life easier but makes you stronger mentally so that you can face everything in life
  • People will trust you only if you have self confidence. For example, in an interview, confident candidates are selected. It helps the interviewer to trust you and your words.
  • It will make your relationships better.
  • And, It will increase your value in the workplace.

How to Build Self Confidence

Whatever your passion is, you enjoy doing it, you must do that once a day

The work you can do without getting tired, you must do that work. And if you have no passion, then who is stopping you from doing the work passionately you are doing?

If you continuously do that work then you will enjoy doing that work. Whatever you are doing, Try to give your 100%. This will help you in increasing your confidence.

Have Patience

It is important to have patience. Because success is not achieved in one night. Before that you learn, you do experiments, fail repeatedly and then learn more. And by learning, slowly you become an expert in your field.


Do not just practice, practice in the right direction. Do the right kind of practice. Whatever you want to learn, learn from the experts in that field. Don’t learn from those who do not know that field.

Otherwise, your confidence will be reduced because they will only give you the wrong knowledge.

Only experts in that field can give you the right knowledge. And when you understand the basics, do the experiments. Only Then you can do something extraordinary in that field.

Do not take life too seriously, see it as a game

If you want to enjoy your life fully, want to live without fear, and want to experience everything, there is only one way for this- Stop taking life too seriously and enjoy it like a game. Each day cross one level and go to the new level.

Don’t take opinions of others about yourself too seriously

Listen to other’s opinions about yourself but don’t think too much about it because they are speaking from their point of view and their level of thinking.

Always stay away from people who always say negative things about you and try to reduce your self confidence. They are jealous of you. 

Try to see the positive side of Everything

As we all know that problems come in our life to make us stronger and to realize us, our inner potential to handle any situation. So always try to see the problems and fear as an opportunity. And come out of it by becoming stronger.

Change the way you think about Yourself

If you consider yourself to be useless or weak, then the world will also start thinking of you as weak. So never underestimate yourself. Try to shift to an equal mentality. It means do not consider yourself lower than anyone else. Always talk to yourself positively. In other words, do positive self talks.

Recognize your Strength

Observe what makes you strong and what makes you weak and make a list of those. 

Make a list of your achievements regularly. So that whenever you feel low or demotivated or less confident your mind reminds you of your past achievements. It will increase your self confidence.

This will also give you the motivation to work more.

Fight off your Fears

See, Confidence does not come without doing work. So accept your weakness, then prepare and practice as much as you can. Do at least one thing in a day that scares you. It will increase your self-belief.

Challenge your negative beliefs. Challenge each negative belief one by one and conquer it.

Robert Kiyosaki started working in a Xerox company as a salesman to lose the fear of getting rejected and selling door-to-door.

Set and achieve small process Goals

With this, your focus will be on work, not on what you will get after working. By doing this, you will be in Momentum. Newton said that objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Once you are in Momentum, you will keep going.

This is why Japan is so ahead today because people follow a simple goal-achieving rule. The rule is called kaizen rule. 

What is KAIZEN?

Decide your goal and divide your goals into subgoals and work on it every day, if required divide the subgoals into tiny goals. 

Learn something new Every Day

Every morning ask yourself a question: What’s new today?

With this, you will get out of your comfort zone every day and improve yourself so that your confidence will increase to do any work. This will make you believe in yourself. You will have faith in yourself.

Be helpful

You must have helped someone in your past, remember how you felt at that time. You must have felt alive and valuable. Reducing the stress of others reduces your stress also. You will feel valuable.

Exercise Daily

By doing daily exercise you will feel good from inside. It improves your mood. Whenever you feel physical stress, your brain will release chemical named endorphins, which will help you to get out of that stress. 

NOTE:-  If you adopt any one of these all tips in your daily life, you can easily boost your self confidence.


Never doubt yourself, it kills your self confidence. Self confidence is about believing in yourself. If you believe in yourself you can achieve anything you want in your life.

Having confidence in yourself increases the chances of getting successful. It keeps you happy, and smiling. 

Figure out what you’re interested in and work on it every day. You’ll enjoy it. Don’t take life so much seriously, just set a goal, work to achieve it, have patience, and enjoy your life. That’s it, god will do the rest. Trust me.

Change the way you think about yourself, let the dog bark, you just follow your dreams. Try to look at the positive side of everything. 

The post was a motivational speech on self confidence. Whenever you feel like having lack of confidence just remember the post or read it again.

So, What you gonna do to fight your fear of self confidence?

Motivational Speech on self confidence

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